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  1. Oh? I didn't know you could do that... I may have to try that if an update doesn't come soon! Thank you. Woohoo! Thanks, James! And also good to know I wasn't aware I could submit a ticket.
  2. Dang, I was hoping it was just me but looks like we're all having some issues. I first noticed a few months ago when I could no longer open EScribe without it freezing, but specifically when a device is connected. I haven't been able to update my device since and it's been bugging me! Any idea's would be greatly appreciated, as the errors I get seem to be out of my hands... (seems copy/paste/selected text related?) Thanks
    I don't use this one as often as the red one but still deserved 5 stars ❤️
    This is now my new default, from Material Dark. I was going to try and make my own but what's the point now! Thank you so much ❤️
  3. I'm hoping it'll be around CNY so I can get some deals, I haven't heard from any other companies though on whether or not they're making a DNA 250C mod or not... I only know of like 2-3 companies so far I hope there's more of a variety to choose from! Personally I'd love to see a 2x700 mod and some LiPo's along with the 3x18650's, but that's just me I'll just "patiently" keep waiting and trying to find more information, be sure and do the same! Thanks
  4. I've been charging my DNA's via USB since my first DNA 40 and haven't had any issues. I generally like using it because it's less than 1 amp and I feel like a slower current helps longevity but I could be crazy, who knows (Mooch probably)! I have my DNA 75 with a 26650 and every month or so I'll charge the battery externally, only once was it "required" as something got screwed up (I think it's the wiring) and the battery wasn't charging right. Anyway, I'm still using the first pair of batteries I bought years ago and I like to think it has something to do with how I use/charge/store my batteries. A lot of people seem to vote against charging via USB, but it's worked fine for me (so far)! Thanks
  5. Google is your friend but I'd say USB 3.0, faster easier to use cuz the connector is reversible and can carry more power.That's what I know at least feel free to correct me Thanks
  6. Oh that's exciting, I was wondering if they were gonna up the wattage seeing as it's around ~300 on the market now... but 400?! I hope to see some awesome mods on the market soon, but makes me wonder why Micro-USB instead of USB-C? I'm really hopin' for some nice LiPo mods, I hate how big these 3-4 cell battery cases get :/ and I'm lazy. Thanks
  7. They haven't said when, just that they believe they will be the first to release the 250C. Thanks
  8. I thought ThinkVape said on Instagram their Finder 250C would have a USB-C? I could be wrong, just what I thought I had read/saw. Also, that's funny to me because I always compare Evolv to others as the Apple of e-cigs Thanks
  9. I wish we didn't have to piece this together ourselves, I'm excited nonetheless but more information would be awesome. Thanks
  10. Thank you! I'm pre-planning to get the Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C and will want to experiment with 20700/21700 batteries, does this mean I have to run the battery analyzer to get a CSV for it?
  11. Where can I find more of these? I specifically would just want the Samsung 25R, but don't know where to look... Thanks
    So far my favorite DNA 75C theme, it meets my minimalistic needs and adds a bit of colour to my life. I do wish there was a 'Material Light' and I suppose I could experiment if no one else does, just curious on how it would turn out but perhaps it'll be too bright. I do like the dark design, no complaints there haven't had any issues reading the display even at '1 brightness'. It kind of bugs me that the options underneath the centered items aren't also centered, but I'm trying to tell my brain that those settings should be seen as separate and not necessary to be aligned the same. I'm also curious about adding some padding or a slight border radius around the edges and changing the font colours slightly, not sure if I like the teal-ish look but also not sure if anything else would be better or worse. I'll experiment and if I come up with anything I deem "better" or worth sharing I'll post my progress. Thanks
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