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  1. Mexvape

    Grounding the chip.

    Nope, this is how the mod looks like from the top and bottom. As you can see there is no grounding wire to the battery negative pole. . 0
  2. Mexvape

    Grounding the chip.

    That is exactly what I thought, but this guy's acolytes kept telling me I was wrong regarding the "floating" set up, IMO it is missing a wire that connects B- to the battery negative pole.
  3. Mexvape

    Grounding the chip.

    I agree but since the chip is "floating" I guess this is why he did it this way. The OUT wire I cut to get it out of the mod it was longer and had insulation
  4. Mexvape

    Grounding the chip.

    Buddy I did not make this board, took it out of a shit mod that cost me 480 pounds for a DIY project. The chip is glued to a plastic sled, does not touch anything and the only two cables are for the B+ to the positive terminal of the battery and the power to the 510 pin. Here are some pics, maybe it is clearer.
  5. Mexvape

    Grounding the chip.

    Is this board wired correctly? Bear in mind that the B- does not go to the actual battery minus but is free standing.
  6. Mexvape

    Grounding the chip.

    yeah buddy I got it squared out.
  7. Ok guys, I need your help. I am on another group where I gave a mod a bad review. Well along the discussion the subject that the chip on the mod is not grounded and these guys are telling me it does not need to be grounded, that it "earthens" (whatever that means) through the 510 can I explain this guy he is full of it and does not know what he is talking about? BTW the chip is not grounded to the 510 chip either.
  8. Can I use the DNA40 small screen with the DNA75 chip? I have a mod I want to replace the chip and before I buy the chip and screen I was thinking to use the small screen as I do not want to have the frame machined to accommodate the bigger screen.
  9. Yeah well, he had the mod for six months (I had returned it because the previous chip did not work), kept telling me he was waiting for the chip, and when finally I got mad and posted on his FB page, this is what he sent back.....he also has another mod from me, returned because the firing button did not work after two weeks, and since he is now upset because I outed him, he threatens to keep my money and the mod. Yes, they are good looking mods, but poorly made.
  10. Yeah, I just looked at the old chip I replaced and removing the usb port is a no go. So basically I am screwed. Here is a pic of the function buttons. The two top ones are for navigating the menu, the one above the window is for firing.
  11. retird thanks for answering, yes I know the chip, I replaced the one from my Element mods, remember. Now muy question is, can the usb port be moved so it faces to the right (on your picture) instead of up? Thanks for responding.. :-)
  12. So guys, I have a mod from Lee Ash in England, he put a DNA 75 chip in it, but no USB port. Can the USB port on the chip be directed downward instead of to the side? I don't want to drill the wood.Here are a couple of pics of the mod so you get a better idea, the tube that has the window has a scre cap on the bottom that I could use to connect the chip.
  13. Since I am not in the US I could not say...or care. Nor do I care to have a pissing match with someone who apparently has not used a DNA 75 or Dicodes chip, both of which I have and used. I came here for help, I got it from Retird so I as far as I am concerned this topic can be closed.
  14. To each his own, I feel it is. As for going from 40 to 80 watt, DNA goes to 75 with one or two batteries, I'll take the DNA. The Germans make wonderful cars, but that does not mean all they make is great.