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  1. drewk1

    Replace DNA200 with DNA75

    That's exactly what I need to know. Thanks very much.
  2. drewk1

    Replace DNA200 with DNA75

    I can't find one anywhere. Out of stock most places that will ship to the UK
  3. I have a Lavabox mod with the DNA200 board in. Due to the lack of replacement batteries its currently unusable. I wonder if I could replace the board with a DNA75 board and run of a single 18650? I've downloaded the 3d models of both boards and am going to see if its physically possible but am I wasting my time . Any suggestions welcome or if anyone knows of a source of a battery ( UK ) Thanks
  4. drewk1

    Lavabox 510 connector

    Mine is the same.Anyone know how to straighten them?