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  1. ThatGuySwain

    New Coil Issue

    you can check under the mod-electrical tab and see what the mod resistance is, most lost vapes are around 0.004 Ohms. But, That doesn't sound like a software issue, sound like a physical connection issue. you can always open a ticket with Evolv and they will take care of you.
  2. ThatGuySwain

    New Coil Issue

    Is this a BF model or just normal therion? Lostvape had an issue with their 510s for a while because the use of thread lock, which will cause resistance issues.
  3. ThatGuySwain

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    I would check it, just to make sure, and the black isolator is just stuck on with 3M adhesive. i use a razor blade, or my thumb nail to peel it off. then its usually still sticky enough to just stick back on when you're done.
  4. ThatGuySwain

    sccrews loose

    You're very welcome.
  5. ThatGuySwain

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    How much difference is there? if you cleaned the thread lock, and its still not reading true, did you check the center pin solder connection? (see last two pictures in guide) if that connection isnt solid, it can still read high ohms. I do all my cleaning here with Alcohol.
  6. ThatGuySwain

    sccrews loose

    the 510 screws on all lost vape mods are a t5 torx
  7. ThatGuySwain

    NEW to DNA

    unfortunately, no, I have not found any other ways to fix this issue, but unlike my instructions say, there is no need to have to remove wires to take the 510 apart.
  8. ThatGuySwain

    NEW to DNA

    Paranormals have a 510 issue due to thread lock. the 166 uses the same 510 as the 75c. give this post a look.
  9. ThatGuySwain

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    Glad I can help. That is the reason I made this post to begin with; to help everyone with this problem, without you having to send it in.
  10. ThatGuySwain

    Ohms jumping a bit while vaping

    On the Paranormal, the ohms jumping around has to do with the threadlock used on the 510. here is a post to help with that: with the vt75, it also has to do with the 510, the stainless top piece, where the atomizer attaches is just threaded into the aluminum housing of the mod. if this is loose, or if juice gets into the threads, it will have a hard time grounding, causing atomizer reading issues. Try tightening the ring, down snug, it should help remedy the error. just do not tighten it too tight, as you can crack the plastic underneath. If you still have issues, or do not feel comfortable doing the fixes yourself, open a ticket with Evolv.
  11. ThatGuySwain

    DNA 250 check battery Message

    What Mod is it? This sounds a lot like there is a broken battery terminal connection.
  12. ThatGuySwain

    Lost Vape Paranormal wrong resistance

    Glad I could Help.
  13. ThatGuySwain

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    Happy I could help. AND I too, have found you don't need to take any of the wires off to do this fix..
  14. ThatGuySwain

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    you're very welcome. glad to help. as for the wires touching, IF they were to touch, you would get a "Shorted" error message. but how it is positioned, when you screw an atomizer on, it actually pushes the center pin down, and that separates the two wires. also, there is a black insulator ring between the two rings. so there is very little chance of them ever shorting.
  15. ThatGuySwain

    Therion BF DNA75C

    Looks to me like it has a bad battery tray connection inside the device. It could be something else, but I would start there, if you just bought it, try warrantying it through who you got it from, if not open a ticket with Evolv.