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Found 3 results

  1. icerookforever

    REAL Customer Support in the USA

    Had an issue with one wood panel opened a ticket send them a pic, got new doors all in a weeks time. We own 63 vape stores in NY, they repeatedly are conveyed to our staff that the support ACTUALLY exists, and no need to get the run around. We will continue to have LVE products and EVOLV devices until this support stops, we command a good amount of mark up on them and they sell because the customer is told about the warranty, and that the extra money compared to most mods is what your getting as well, on top of the freaking beauties they all are! LVE is the shizznet, Im sure someone may chime in they got screwed but chances are they get mad and take it out on them, having 63 stores (and counting) I hear it all, I will tell you this, an angry customer who doesnt even think before speaking or acting are generally angry people and no one wants to deal with them, be nice, have the damn receipt of Proof of Purchase and you are gold.
  2. Hello all, as promised, I have taken pictures along with a write up on how to fix the Paranormal that reads ohms too high. The 510 connector on the Paranormal has what I believe is thread lock between the ring where the ground wire is soldered to, and the main body of the connector. thread lock is a non-conductive substance which causes the Ohm readings to be off, However, it is an easy fix. I have included pictures for steps 1-5, after that, it is reassembly so follow steps 3-1 in reverse order. Step1: remove the 3 T5 torx screws that hold the 510 to the body. Step 2: carefully unsolder the ground (black) wire form the outer ring. (take care not to over heat and melt inner insulator ring.) Step 3: using two pair of adjustable jaw pliers, grab the edge of the 510 with one pliers, and the ring that the ground wire was connected to with the other, and unscrew the ring from the 510. (take care to not how the insulator ring goes in.) Step 4: clean out the threads inside the ring and off the threads of the main 510 body. Using a pair of tweezers or small flathead screw driver is a good idea. Step 5: wipe ofF threads with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Step 6: reassemble and tighten down ground ring to main body of 510. Step 7: re-solder the ground wire back to the ring, (don't hold heat on too long or you risk melting insulator ring.) Step 8: line up the 510 and reattach to body with 3 T5 screws. that will bring the ohm reading back to correct readings. Update to this list, this particular paranormal also had a spotty Positive connection, which also is an easy fix with a soldering iron, see last picture for fix. Edit: My test coil is a .29ohm coil for reference.
  3. H-cigar vt inbox

    DNA 75 vt inbox check atomizer

    Hello, Lately i dropped my box (h-cigar vt inbox) together with atomizer moonshot rta , my battery (sony vtc5) flew out When you put everything together, the box doesn't read the atomizer on the screen CHECK ATOMIZER I tried to fix it I have come to the conclusion that after pressing the fire button I only give 0.5 V box doesn't read different atomizer. 510 is work Pliss chelp me