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NEO Cloudz [on Crack™] {DNA250C + DNA75C} NP20

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About This File

This is the most advanced, feature packed vaping experience OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

Pick up your vape.

Have a taste of 2077, have some NEO Cloudz.



Please fill in the following (very short) feedback form :) I would really appreciate it, especially if you DON'T want to download this. I want to make this better for everyone!


Do you think I have desecrated the holy sanctity of Frank?

This theme didn't used to be this hot 🥵. Think of this version as a spiritual successor to Frank's before, erghmm, it got hooked on all that... pink. Also check this for a more comprehensive change log :)

Neo Clouds On Crack has Frank at it's very core, hardened and sharpened until it's latest iteration. This.

Dev Style:

I'm a massive h*cking nerd if you couldn't already tell. This theme is themed after a computer terminal as that is where I spent most of my days. I love the minimalist high contrast look and wanted to bring that l33t l00k to not only to just my vape but YOUR vape!

A new version is submitted as I create them. While this means you will get extremely fast updates; this also means you *will* experience bugs and inconsistencies in the UI. Report them if you care. I am only human however meticulous I am.

Edited by Skit

What's New in Version NP20   See changelog


  • increased default timeout to 20s
  • reduced the size of the profile selector to better emphasise the accent box
  • changed lockscreen password caption to be less esoteric
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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Not sure where to start, since Christmas has come and gone, but your Frank65 UPDATE is a great present!

FANTASTIC !!! This should be downloaded by everyone. I haven’t yet gone through every improvement, but you certainly did a lot of great work, and really must know Escribe and ThemeMaker. 

Screen flip, very useful, great use of colors, entire display much easier to read and navigate. LOVE the simple black background too, perfect. Not sure how to confirm any added accuracy you’ve added, but after reading your motivations for taking on this older great theme, and admitted OCD, I am 100% confident you’ve made everything better. Normally, when I write any feedback it’s more about fixing or improving negatives, but I have yet to find any, I’ll keep looking! :)

Hopefully folks will discover your MOST EXCELLENT theme and make it #1!

Only thing I have to investigate, is the screen timeout, it’s fairly short, don’t see a setting for that. Possibly something I have to reset in Escribe? I have the lock timing set for 30 minutes. 

Thanks again for this great gift!

Response from the author:

I've misread your reponse. It's in the lock settings, look for the key icon on the settings page.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

You know its a quality theme when the indicator light on the dna250c board isn't on constantly, I just got my dna250c this week so if I have to fix something on a theme that's a bad sign. Overall its a great theme. I'm a big fan of the colors, I really like that i can see the voltage of the individual cells on my lipo. I like that I can change the watt adjustment on the theme, I'd like to see .5 watt increments but it'd mess with the ui so I understand why it wasn't included. Now that I have it installed on my mod, it's good enough that I'll probably be to lazy to ever take it off. 

Response from the author:

I'd glad someone else is enjoying this theme. It still needs a bit of polish around the corners but life has gotten in the way.

It's worth a follow as I will update this eventually ;)

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Хорошая тема. Всегда уважаю людей, которые указывают автора разработки, которую изменяли!


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