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  1. I agree with these points. This should be the way but unfortunately this is not how things go. People download stuff for a lot of reasons. Maybe it's for later, maybe they are like me and want to download a lot of themes fast so I can test them out. It's just quite a egocentric way to view the world. Other users who don't have an account cannot leave you feedback. This has lowered the barrier to review instantly so they don't have to give Evolv any of their details. I personally try to avoid giving out as much info as possible and wouldn't bother to make a account just to review a theme.
  2. I think this is a rather elegant solution as it not only gives us higher quality themes but also stops the spam. I don't think personally this should be the case. The user experience is going to heavily impacted via this method. Sure, one theme every 5 minutes is good enough for most users. But a new user who has just bought a DNA board would have to sit there for a long time before they could find a theme that suits them. I personally went through at least 5 before I found one that I stuck with for a while. That would turn a simple 5 minute browse into a long 25 minute waiting game.
  3. Indeed. There is major rework needed to this forum! @Wayneo I know you have said you try to keep your hands off from the community but I don't think that is the way. In doing so you have lost the "human" bit to your moderator role. In doing so you are almost like a "deity" or "god" of some sort. Not knowing what the common humans get up to. I really think you should get more involved in the community
  4. I'm very sorry about this. I've taken down the post as I can see why some users might see it as abrasive. That was not my intent. I'll try and rephrase what I've said in the original post here for everyone to see. I believe that the core issue in this problem is that devs are not getting the recognition they *think* they deserve and then turn to vote manipulation to do so. Unless your theme is *constantly* updated. And I mean ***constantly*** your post will be buried in a few days from the new panel. Not that even a lot of people will look in there, and even when they do it's a
  5. While I agree with this as it would "fix" the problem it just makes it so that they will have to make an account for each download. This has more damage to a regular user than a bad user however. I don't think this should be the case.
  6. Yeah, I think this was a good way to notify the users affected. I don't think it would be fair to me and other users who have worked so hard to gain so much traction on their theme and yet to be just wiped. I feel gutted and I've only had my theme up for a few months. Please don't do this!!!
  7. "Attacker" is just a technical term for the person performing the action on your network. Well, penetration tester. It's just that when I usually talk about cyber security it's actually something serious and not a vape theme lol. Simplest solution would be to just remove the downloads. This should be done at least. The rest is up to you. I'm just some nerd who likes to vape.
  8. Na, it's fine. I didn't think you were trying to go after me for the review. I'm just putting it on the table to to be known. I think it's stupid and should not have even been possible at all. 1) Stop self reviews, should have never been a thing. 2) Just put a captcha on the download page. Simple drop in solution. 3) First log the CSRF keys and as much user info(such as user agent and IP etc. not sure if this is GDPR tho) as possible. Then after a week of (silent) surveillance change the keys to be ephemeral and unique by IP / browser fingerprint. If the bot is setup in
  9. >designers reviewing their own theme with a 5 star rating I've left one on my theme as a joke/protest. I agree with you. This should not be possible at all and just seems like a very silly oversight. You can see the reply I left to myself is "WFT, why are you leaving reviews on your own theme?". If you couldn't tell from my post I don't try to take myself or my theme very seriously. It's full of emojis and memes. Anyhow I did some testing and the current system is extremely easily exploitable. Even just clicking edit and then saving it immediately without ANY changes will w
  10. Probably someone trying to cover their tracks by spamming. I'm not doing this.
  11. Version B0


    Therion by Frank now perfectly pixel aligned and with UI redesigns; now easier and faster! Please leave a review (good or bad) if you download this I want the feedback. I spent a lot of time on this theme and would really love it if people can share and review this. The largest changes are: - Complete UI redesign with T H I C C text and C O L O R Z. Navigation has never been easier with the most important controls within 3 clicks of the initially highlighted control. - M O A R live readouts and more precision controls. - Much better coil settings that allows you to
  12. Thank you my friend. I've noticed this as well. I have made several trades offs in my own theme in an attempt to make the UI look slicker. While it works great for me it doesn't work so well for new users. It's the top right corner for the rest of the settings. I think I'll be making a new graphic to explain the UI. You are correct in saying I may have gone too far. The style I've chosen has given up far too much for novice users. I plan to address all of these today and make the UI easier for a new user to use. The trades offs in this new "cool" look simply doesn't fit the use case
  13. Thank you my friend Stop by every now and then, I'll miss you 😢
  14. It's mostly purple lol, I just say pink as it's more provocative. Try it on your vape, you can always undo it. The new UI has lots of new features compared to the version B0. Granted I just finished it around a few hours ago so it's no where near as polished as version B0 but it'll be in a few days.
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