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So im trying to find out how to make a mod from a lostvape hyperion.   the fire button broke and it seems to be cheaply made, if i take it apart i was thinking i could make one out of wood and use the evolv chip, i read that i can use external buttons and wire them to the board, i can not find a drawing , dont know if i can wire the fire button and the 3 select buttons to all external buttons, or maybe much easy to find a face plate and a set of buttons, so what im saying is i am having a hard time finding videos and information about DIY mods using the evolv chipsets.


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Stealthvape (UK) has everything you'll need, including the Engineering diagram showing the solder points if you want to use any external buttons.

Your fire button should be fine. The plastic holder over the top is probably what broke. 


Analogboxmods has build videos on youtube and a website, but no 100C enclosures

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The firing pad in this pic is off on the right side on the table. They break off from the plastic frame. Why they used plastic arms to act as a spring, I'll never know. Some have just glued the arms back on. But I would guess it would just break again. It might work by tossing the pad away and just using it without.

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