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VTBOX 250C wrong battery percentage


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2 hours ago, Tonioh0307 said:

Hi, I bought a new VAPE CIGE VTBOX250C and 2 new Sony VTC6, I fully charged the vtc6 and insert them into the box, but the box says me 4% battery, is this a software issue? I can fix this in any way?

Download EScribe, connect device to it. Then open Device Monitor and see what the voltage of each battery shows.  Also on the main page of EScribe in the upper left it will show if an update is available for the software.


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8 ore fa, Wayneo ha scritto:

Your cell 2, if you look is only at 3.4v which is much lower than cell 1. You should externally charge both. When done charging they should both be above 4.1V

I tried to charge both batteries with my nitecore D2 and then insert the batteries in the box, same problem... Like this Video


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If you look at your voltages of each battery right now in Device Monitor, and then with the same batteries, unplug the mod, swap battery positions, plug back in and look again in Device Monitor I believe you should still see cell 2 is low. 
If what I say is true, you should return the mod to the place of purchase. Your mod is DOA (dead on arrival)
It appears more like wiring connections as opposed to a board issue.


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6 hours ago, yqqwe said:

i think you should contact custom support, before asking in the forum.😀

Custom support is who you call when you want a special board made to your specs. Which costs tens of thousands if not more. I don't know why you would notify them for a board problem? I'd use the forum (free) or submit a RMA form.

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