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How to change a screen on LostVape Paranormal

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Thanks Jacob. I have just received my screen from Evolv today and managed to revive my dead screen..👍👍


Really appreciate the effort with your well detailed instructions as I could not send in my device for a replacement.


Keep up the good postings..🙏🏻



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I also faced the problem of replacing the display with Paranormal 250С. Having disassembled the device, I saw that the liquid got on and into the display module. As a result, the tracks were rotted to the backlight diode of the screen. The tracks were restored, the liquid was removed from the screen, but the screen became much dimmer, nothing at all is visible in the sunlight. I will order a new display soon... or 2?. But here's the question: Why does such a fragile screen have no protection? Most likely, this question to Lostkvape

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From before the release of the color capable boards some users would put a very thin film of colored plastic film over their mono screens to change it from b&w.
And yeah, LV would know for sure. I hear they're active on facebook and Instagram  :relaxed:


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Очень полезная информация. Мне самому пришлось несколько месяцев назад переставлять плату из паранормал в триаду. Очень жаль, что тогда не было подобной информации. Автору большой плюс в карму!


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6 hours ago, zark said:

Very useful information. I myself had to move the board from paranormal to triad a few months ago. It is a pity that there was no such information then. The author is a big plus in karma!


Lots of videos out there...  been there for a while..  google is your friend





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