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i use paranormal dna 250C
i use Tri -core Fused Clapton ss316L 0.33 dual coil on drop dead 
it works well on replay at first day but aday after it when i wanna use replay 
save puff (no more was showing)so i could not save puff anymore
i try to rise Wattage on replay it works for about 10min save puff was working bur it stoped again i dont know why!
i have 2 more small question what number is good for punch and warmth !? punch is 3 /warmth is 5 ithink now
im looking forward your help thanks

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i know replay only works with SS coils , which obviously your using but you can lock or unlock the coil on each of the 5 profiles , i noticed i may of locked the coil in watts profile then moved to TCR profile and not done the same check the resistance then locking the coil  , same happened to me thinking i had lost replay again but i switched profiles from one to the other without checking resistance in that profile and locking the coil - its worth a try 

to answer the punch and warmth and wattage its all personal preference , i generally have watts boost on and have 5 warmth and 5 to 7 punch - every juice you will you have in a tank will spring another combination up

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5 hours ago, formula 1 said:

i know replay only works with SS coils

Replay will work with ANY Temperature controllable material/wire as their core. I'd call the Big 4, Ni200, Titanium, Stainless Steel, NiFe . 

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