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Dna 250c Paranormal - clock error - usb not recognized


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Hi everyone !

I made a terrible move at work yesterday, and my Dna 250c Paranormal felt into water. I had to clean it with more liquid (i work with toxic water), so we're starting on a really bad case.
I tried to connect it on Escribe, and my computer mostly doesn't recognize it. Sometimes it does, but it quickly stop just before i try to reinstall something.

Why i try to reinstall now :

My mod is stuck on 4% battery even if they are fully charged

my fire button mostly not work (sometimes it does but then it stops)

my other buttons now acts like fire button (when i press them, it enable the mod)

It doesn't detect my tank

Sometimes my pc detect it, Escibe too, it try something, then i got EEPROM error

Sometimes i get into my mod and can navigate through the menu, but it doesn't recognize my tank or change the 4% battery


So it seems it's still able to function (sometimes, a few times, it connects on my pc or seems to act correctly (fire button etc) but then drop back into a kind of  "security mode") but i need help.
Is there something i can do to force it to connect ? like a secret button to hard reset it ? a security mode to turn off ? reinstall the chipset in a more brutal way than classic escribe way ?
I didn't mentionned it, but yesterday, i succedeed to plug it into m pc (it was way easier, weird), and i tried to put it in factory mode, since i can't sucess to make it work.


I tried almost everything : soft reset, hard reset, reinstall mod, factory mode, reinstall over factory with new settings etc
I also tried multiple usb cable, multiples usb port, with battery, without battery, even by pushing buttons while i plug it etc

I know it seems over for my great mod, but i have nothing to lose, i'm open to any solution, even surgery.
Thanks for your time !

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I have now connected my mod to escibe, tried again many factory reset and new parameters, still not working.
I tried to set the battery manually, make some clock reset in monitor etc but still nothing.

My mod is still stuck on 4% battery with check battery message (with or without battery), still on clock error, still not recognizing the tank so unable to fire (0.00 Ohm tank or not).

Fire button now functioning to turn on/off the mod but it's not working anyway, so when i gon in the menu of the mod (manually or by monitor) i can see error clock everywhere (can be seen on photo).

On monitor, i have a text on the bottom of the screen : "BAD"


Which sounds like "BAD NEWS"

error clock.jpg

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Mine has everything working i can use it and all but still have a clock error. In the monitor it shows battery voltage for all 4 cells. I have a ticket in but so far they don't seem to have an idea. I'm on the latest firmware and even went back 2 with no dice. maybe I'll get an answer on this next ticket answer.

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