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  1. I made a ticket after posting my last update, i'll wait their advices now. I'll post news later, maybe it will help some people.
  2. I have now connected my mod to escibe, tried again many factory reset and new parameters, still not working. I tried to set the battery manually, make some clock reset in monitor etc but still nothing. My mod is still stuck on 4% battery with check battery message (with or without battery), still on clock error, still not recognizing the tank so unable to fire (0.00 Ohm tank or not). Fire button now functioning to turn on/off the mod but it's not working anyway, so when i gon in the menu of the mod (manually or by monitor) i can see error clock everywhere (can be seen on photo). On
  3. How frustrating when it crashes at 90% when sending parameters to chipset
  4. Hi everyone ! I made a terrible move at work yesterday, and my Dna 250c Paranormal felt into water. I had to clean it with more liquid (i work with toxic water), so we're starting on a really bad case. I tried to connect it on Escribe, and my computer mostly doesn't recognize it. Sometimes it does, but it quickly stop just before i try to reinstall something. Why i try to reinstall now : My mod is stuck on 4% battery even if they are fully charged my fire button mostly not work (sometimes it does but then it stops) my other buttons now acts like fire button (when i pres
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