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HCigar VT75c: do you want one? Think twice.


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Only thing that happened to mine and it was due to my use of a heating pad for my leg and falling asleep, was the mod sat on it and that made the glue holding those vinyl? grip pieces on melt and they never did reset. Once I lost them all it was fine it's not like it slips out of my hand but man you must be rough on that thing or was one of the first made maybe? Only one tiny chip/ding obviously my fault, not much dif than your car but considering the amount of times I've knocked it over I'm surprised there aren't more and if I decide to put the vinyl pieces back on that tiny ding will be hidden. It was why I bought a second one shortly after my first, didn't think they'd be around long since these things change more than car designs do and it's still in its box, it's the blue one and both are the second production run of them, maybe they improved the paint? I vape constantly too, take it in the car, never carry it in my pockets though and have had it as far back as my posts go.

Anyway, I still love mine, no battery issues. Anyone know if the recent upgrade allows Mac users to use the international version? It would be nice to take advantage of the replay and or the punch and warm settings, I want to try/buy some new Tanks, but if I click the load button after adjusting one of the profiles, it gives me an "are you sure, this is Int version and your running US"? Oh well, try and find the blue or red ones, there's got to be some left on some vape sites. You could see if FastTech has any left or could see for you since it's a china website, it takes about 30 days to get to US but you can trust them. JUST CHECKED THEY STILL HAVE THEM - https://www.fasttech.com/p/7661402 BOTH BLUE AND RED AND SAME COST THEY MUST BE POPULAR.

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