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  1. timbuc2dan

    DNA 75c battery csv's

    I've got the EFEST IMR 26650 4200mAH 50A 3.7V. They're just running down to half strength sooner with weak hits, using coils rated for 50-85W but like it at 50-60W. They're a yr and a half old too, good charger detects type selects charge level, when charged reads 4.20v 2382mAh when weak reads 3.67v. I downloaded the ijoy because that's the only 26650 I could find here but haven't loaded it to the mod.
  2. timbuc2dan

    DNA 75c battery csv's

    When I use the escribe app and select Mod/Battery it shows 18650 and it's grayed out and I'm using a 26650 but I'm also using the older version of escribe. I have the newer version just haven't installed it yet, waiting for answer from evolv help desk about do I have to trash the older version before installing the new one. Would this ijoy csv take away the grayed out so I could raise/select the battery to a 26650?
  3. timbuc2dan

    75c odd behavior and a question

    It could be that your amount of clicks to unlock was reset to the defaut 5 clicks, if you go back to the software and click on Safety tab there will be a box with number of clicks to lock and default is 5 , also is a box for number of clicks to unlock and the default is 5 F's or FFFFF, just reset that to 1 F, there's also a lock time default being 240 minutes which you can reset or just unclick the auto lock when idle in which case the amount of time it locks for box goes away. You have to save this or choose upload settings to device once you click the general tab before you leave the software as far as I know. Anyway that's what I think may be the issue you're having is it went back to default settings. This may also be why your puff count isn't what you think it should be since you can change the length of the puff time in same Safety tab, try also resetting your puffs down to zero. All I know is if you change anything you have to save it which will give you an exe file to upload to the mod or just use upload settings before you quit the app or disconnect.
  4. timbuc2dan

    Ohms & adjustments question re new tank

    Solved it! No need to reply.
  5. Hi guys, using the escribe suite app, under mod tab it's showing the Lithium Ion 18650 but I'm using a 26650 and it's grayed out so no drop down window to change it. Is this because it doesn't matter the size just needs the type?
  6. I need to know am I supposed to set and lock the ohms, using Data Miner 1.3 theme? Reason is I'm using new Vaporesso Cascade Baby sub ohm tank, the 5ml size with the preinstalled GT Mesh coil rated 50W - 85W 0.18 ohms, and it's showing the ohms is 0.183, using wattage setting only, I just set it to 0.18 and locked it but diagnostics screen says 0.184 after firing, amps says 19.765 after firing, on mod screen. Even the Target Pro tank using the Kanthal or SS ccells it always gave a different reading on those as well unless I adjusted and locked them. This new VCB tank will only fire at the 75 W setting any lower it won't, and I'm already feeling it's firing hot on my tongue, taking hit after hit only to read it for this and the tank is now very warm, so I need to know - Do I need to set a temp limit as well since I have auto detect off and temp control off? Is there any way to adjust settings so it will fire at lower watts? It's not tasting burnt or dry just hot, I presoaked and let it sit after filling tank for 1 hr. The other coil it came with is a GT 8 coil 0.15 ohms 50 - 110 W has SS? coils inside the cotton but I haven't used it. I can get and most likely will get the GT ccells which use lower watts due to 75W being the limit for the DNA 75C, unless someone can tell me if I can get around the watts using it in temp control mode. I'm using a 26650 battery. Sorry it's a lot of questions but the tank and coils are new to me and I've been wanting to try the GT coils for flavor, and sooner or later the kanthal and SS ccells will most likely be retired since the tanks have. I also wanted a tank that wouldn't leak and was top fill by just sliding top to one side, but mainly for flavor since I'm vaping with 12% nic and a coffee - not sweet - liquid and it's a bit dark. I'm already happy with this tank and mesh coil but didn't buy extra until I tried the ones that came with it and got some help/suggestions from someone here re adjustments. Not chasing clouds just MTL. Thanks for any help!
  7. timbuc2dan

    HCigar VT75c: do you want one? Think twice.

    Only thing that happened to mine and it was due to my use of a heating pad for my leg and falling asleep, was the mod sat on it and that made the glue holding those vinyl? grip pieces on melt and they never did reset. Once I lost them all it was fine it's not like it slips out of my hand but man you must be rough on that thing or was one of the first made maybe? Only one tiny chip/ding obviously my fault, not much dif than your car but considering the amount of times I've knocked it over I'm surprised there aren't more and if I decide to put the vinyl pieces back on that tiny ding will be hidden. It was why I bought a second one shortly after my first, didn't think they'd be around long since these things change more than car designs do and it's still in its box, it's the blue one and both are the second production run of them, maybe they improved the paint? I vape constantly too, take it in the car, never carry it in my pockets though and have had it as far back as my posts go. Anyway, I still love mine, no battery issues. Anyone know if the recent upgrade allows Mac users to use the international version? It would be nice to take advantage of the replay and or the punch and warm settings, I want to try/buy some new Tanks, but if I click the load button after adjusting one of the profiles, it gives me an "are you sure, this is Int version and your running US"? Oh well, try and find the blue or red ones, there's got to be some left on some vape sites. You could see if FastTech has any left or could see for you since it's a china website, it takes about 30 days to get to US but you can trust them. JUST CHECKED THEY STILL HAVE THEM - https://www.fasttech.com/p/7661402 BOTH BLUE AND RED AND SAME COST THEY MUST BE POPULAR.
  8. timbuc2dan

    possible bug in production utility for 75C chip

    Just a for what it's worth on a DNC 75, when I got it before I ever got the EScribe upgrade it worked just fine in watts mode with the Kanthal 0.9 ohms but it always read the ohms as 8.54, it would let me change it to 0.9 and would stay if I locked it and worked fine with the Vaporesso Orc tank. When I upgraded it 1st time I used EScribe it would fluctuate with the ohms always asking did I connect an 0.54 ohms, and I started getting temp protect non firing messages, so I locked it at 0.9 that just got me temp protect and or shorted and only way around it was to not tighten the tank down fully since it says in EScribe if using check atomizer, window pops up saying there've been issues with atomizers being too tight or not tight enough giving fluctuating ohms readings, so I tried unlocking the ohms to see and even though it said 8.54 ohms I at least could tighten down again with no warnings but only in watts mode, if I tried SS313 it kept giving same warnings. Since it's working with watts I don't care and found if I raised the watts to 38 from 36 I was back to a satisfying puff. However, and it's why I'm writing this, why even if I had TP off would it say TP, and is that TP for the SS wire in the ccell or for the mod? I'm using the 26650 purple EFEST BATTS WITH NO HEATING issues at all and since I used the EScribe at same time I started using the 26650's I don't know if it would be different with the 18650's or with no upgrade. I'm using the Data Miner theme nice readable and can reset the puff count and other options not available in factory theme. That's it.
  9. timbuc2dan

    check atomizer message after SP23

    I've been noticing it happens in SS, I used to use just watts but I added Kanthal to the materials since I use only Vaporesso ccell Kanthal, thought it was solved until after few puffs it started doing it again, only slightly unscrewing it stops it giving the shorted or temp protected even with temp protect off. I'm wondering if Evolve modified it due to the battery explosive issues with HCigar mods, nothing gets hot unless I'm taking too many puffs then base of atomizer gets hot. Are you aware of the window that come up if you do the escribe analyze atomizer which says that they've had issues with the ohms drifting in and out of range with atomizers screwed down too much or not enough? that stop when you unscrew it for me at least. What's the point of having a lock ohms or a no temp protect if they both do nothing?
  10. timbuc2dan

    check atomizer message after SP23

    Ok, I've been getting errors saying shorted and or temp protected even though I'm using same atomizer. This only began after I said yes to the upgrade on 1st use of escribe. The only way around it has been to unscrew the atomizer till I don't get the error messages, it used to work fine screwed all the way down. Will doing the apply service pack do away with the theme I chose? Real name is Sean and thanks for any help!
  11. timbuc2dan

    Data Miner - DNA75C Theme

    I've got version 1.3 the horizontal one and it's my favorite, nice well laid out with a reset puff that actually works. I really need that battery indicator to be the same full color one that came with the HC theme and with my tired old eyes, being able to see everything is paramount for me, like the round robin as well. I discovered that for me doing away with the white border and white grid helps everything stand out much better, that would be selecting wallpaper #3 should anyone be wondering how to do that, but that was the only changes I applied. So, great job RuthlusB! You've done my eyes a big favor! Thank you!
  12. timbuc2dan

    Using eScribe

    Never mind, I'm getting the hang of it!
  13. timbuc2dan

    Using eScribe

    Ok, should I apply the 1.1 SP25 update that shows up after hooking up my mod, it has that yellow light bulb icon next to it, before I do anything else? I saved a copy of the original file but haven't changed the theme yet.
  14. timbuc2dan

    VTC 75C Warning

    Ok everyone, FWIW I decided to try the EFEST 26650's to see if it was ok to use them and so far so good, they fit with the battery cap screwed all the way in. When I bought the 1st VTC75 Color mod I got it from Fasttech which normally has about a 30 day haul from China but mine took 3 wks longer they told me, due to HCigar making new ones. Maybe they fixed the problem or it's the li-ion batteries coming in different lengths voltages etc, the EFEST are 65mm+1mm for the crown at top and that was told to me by the seller. The mod has never gotten hot, the bottom of the atomizers/tanks I'm using - Vaporesso - only in 32 wattage mode, only get warm if I'm chain vaping from stress, old cig smoker bad habit. I had two of these mods anyway since nothing sticks around very long in vape world and I'm very happy with mine. It would be nice to know more info about the ones that failed, were they adjusted using the escribe settings, were they using rta's and when were they bought, I got mine in August ordered it July 3rd took 4 wks to ship, got 2nd one from MVS and they as well as any other sites I checked, also didn't have them in blue/available till August, that's why I'm wondering if HCigar fixed them. The only 26650's in that 65mm size were the EFEST'S and the brand of batteries they show on Fasttech site next to the mod in their pic, all others are too long. I also read about other mods having problems with the 26650's and wonder if it's more of a battery issue. They also have these new types now, deep cycle lithium ion phosphate batteries that last much longer and give a constant drain, solar lights are one use for them and one manufacturer used the words non-combustion or explosion which tells me that obviously li-ion batts in general are potentially dangerous items and who makes them matters, meaning it's better to go with name brands than those blue or green no brand ones, and I've read that elsewhere also. So, I'm not saying what you should do, just giving my experience with them is all and it is great being able to go all day into the night with just one 26650. Sometimes it's better to spend a little extra coin. Anyway, that's it I'm keeping mine and using the EFEST 26650's, will post if anything changes. Vaping with Crystal Canyon Vapes My Cafe Blend.
  15. timbuc2dan

    Using eScribe

    Ok, Thank you!