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  1. Nexolek


    Huh, they don't have the chemistry on the wrap and they don't have any markings on the cans either. For me they've been doing great. Probably not so good for high power though according to Mooch.
  2. Nexolek


    Huh, guess I'm not going crazy. This happens to me as well (though it's somewhat rare). I use my own theme which is loosely based off of Material-ish Ocean. I don't have anything updating while firing though. In fact I always use stealth mode. I use the same theme on 5 75c devices and I've only had this happen on a 250c. Every now and then it just doesn't fire. Doesn't matter what atty I'm using either. I only use TC though so I'm not sure about wattage. Hopefully a firmware update will fix it?
  3. Nexolek

    If one wants the best but...

    Freemax makes some stainless steel mesh coils, which will work in either wattage or TC. That'd be a good place to start. Haven't tried them myself but they're rather nice from what I've read around the internets.
  4. Nexolek


    I've been using IJoys in my Mirages and they've been good so far. That and they're the only decent 21700s I can find locally (I try to support local shops when I can). Once Samsung 40Ts show up here I'm sure I'll make the switch. If you like high power Samsung 30Ts are rather popular. Best? Who knows. Depends more on how you'll be using it. I'm a lower powered vapor so I tend to favour battery life over 404828 amp* capable batteries. * That does not exist.
  5. Think you hit the jackpot there retird. Loxias, how'd it go?
  6. This is from my Mirage: The first is with replay (warmth at 1) and the second is back to TC. Quality of the vape stayed the same even though replay used a bit less power in that case. I'm perplexed 🤔
  7. Nexolek

    DNA 75c resets when I go to vape it??

    Probably best to either talk to the manufacturer of the mod or submit a ticket to Evolv. What mod is it? Does it happen with any atty?
  8. Nexolek

    HCigar VT75c: do you want one? Think twice.

    Wow! I've had one for ~4 months and other than discolouring of the stickers and a minimal bit of paint wearing off it's looking pretty good. Love how they sent the not so C bit 😆
  9. What you're experiencing is the warmth function of Replay. It allows the mod to use more power to achieve the desired puff. Depending on your build and wick it can go too far, as I've also discovered. If your theme allows adjustment you can play with warmth to figure out where it's best. You can also adjust it in EScribe as well. The lowest setting (1) will not use more power than what you had it set for when you saved the puff. That oughtta do the trick PS - I haven't seen an official statement about this, but through trial, error, and lots of Device Manager I've come to this conclusion.
  10. I actually did this on a Paranormal 75C. There was enough wire that I didn't even need to dig out the soldering iron. There was no excessive tension on anything either, I made sure of that before putting it back in. Of course that may vary by each mod. Hope there's enough wire in there for ya. Good luck!
  11. Nexolek

    What do I run First?

    Excellent questions! For those that are perfectionists it'd be nice if there was a definitive resource library or wiki or something like that. Especially for new users. The battery tests only affect what it says the % is at as far as I know. Nothing performance wise, just the remaining charge. The thermal test is the one that can make a difference, that's for sure. I'm relatively new (only a few months of heavy tinkering) so I'm sure some others have better answers.
  12. Nexolek

    Therion 75C batterry draining

    I can say that from experience their service is fantastic! I had two 75C mods with really bad 510 connections out of the box. Sent both devices in from Canada and they came back working absolutely perfect! Top tier customer service!
  13. Here's my version. I also use TC only. It's heavily modified so ask away if anything doesn't make sense Hitting the battery % goes to Last Puff, the lock shows ohm lock but clicking it locks the device. If it can Replay the top right icon turns green (hit it to save puff). The bar under Replay Active is the warmth when it's playing. Otherwise it's mostly the same-ish. Materialish.ecigtheme