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Never asked if new coil regardless of wire type


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Like the title says I am never asked for new coil, UNLESS I use the same coil.

For instance if I unscrew my kanthal tank to refill, reattach in 30 seconds I am prompted with the new coil message.

If I switch to ni200 or Ti, I never get the message and the device usually fires in power mode. I have a profile set for ni200 and titanium and I'll switch to that profile first, attach atty and it will fire in power mode.

I've had the device ask me new atty a number of times, I'd say 10% and even though it's a TC build the device refuses to run in temp mode.

This is my first dna 200 chip, but I'm very experienced  (6+years) so I feel I am missing something. I trust the chip and the device(wismec reulaux) but what is the common denominator here?

I've watched loads of videos and followed certain procedures to a T.

As far as my build I recognize it could always be a problem but the device should adhere to my profiles correct? I would say 75% of my atty builds are spot on.

EDIT- Just attached a brand new ni200 dual wrapped at .009...I was asked if new coil selected, yes and I was already set to my ni200 profile. Temp control is NOT active device monitor shows zero temp activity and the mod itself cuts off temp when fired.

This has has happened for 6 straight days now on every type of TC build. All gauges of ni200, TI, claptons etc....I'm desperate here.

I do not get a spike in device monitor for the temp reading, it simply will not function

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Check a couple obvious things first. 1) Under your profile settings in eScribe, is the Temperature button set to 'On?' 2) On the 'Mod' tab, under 'Manufacturer Settings,' what is your ohm lock range %? 3) Double check that you have the appropriate coil material (and associated TCR/TFR loaded) for each profile. 4) Do you have a mod resistance set? If so, what is it?

Also, .009??? Is that a typo?

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In escribe there is no 'ON" for temp control it's simply checked by a radio button which is dark confirming my temp level. My other options are off or locked and I've left it default which I assume is on.

My ohm lock range is 25%, I got his all from the wismec site when they released their settings for the software. I assume ohm lock range is when it asks "new atty same atty" I'll admit lately tonight it has been asking me more but no matter what it will not recognize TC, whether it's my 2 atty builds or 2 different tanks with ni200 coils. All 4 fail immediately.

I only have 2 profiles, one for Ti and for ni200 ( which i shouldn't have cause the device is supposed to recognize nickel and autoswitch but I made the profile in an attempt to rectify the issue) the TCR for titanium was downloaded through steam engine wire wizard but..we never even got that far cause regardless of profile device fires in power mode. I have an ni200 profile which i switch to every 10 minutes but fires in power mode. My ni200 tank coils will not register as TC either fire in power mode regardless of profile.

Mod resistance is .003 this was from wismec site which they released the other day. Latest and greatest. this was the one thing I was looking into but couldn't find much. Seems sketchy but came from manufacturer files.

YES meant .09

Have spent about 12 hours troubleshooting

Thanks for the reply

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So, for your Ni profile, Temperature Off is NOT checked, Coil material is selected as Nickel 200, and you are CERTAIN you are using Ni wire.

At that point, I would verify that you don't have stray resistance in your atomizer or 510 connection (there is a good ground to the 510). 

One of the following is likely:

  • Your wire is not Ni
  • Your 510/atomizer has a high base resistance that makes the small change in resistance in the wire not trigger TC mode
  • Your chip needs to be replaced

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I don't think this is a problem with wire or the chip, turbocad I think and myself had this problem before and it was due to coils touching ever so slightly, it could even be a leg on one coil touching the other so check their not touching, check there's no trimmed wire in your post holes and if it's neither of them try cleaning your atomiser and the 510 pin on the mod and atomiser, then if it still does it then maybe something is up with the mod or your built isn't very stable in the atomiser/s your using..

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latexyankee said:

What about the 3 factory ni200 coils I've tried? All bad?

My bad, right you state in your edit in first post temp control is NOT active, what do you mean, your temp control is off? Can you go on device monitor and screenshot you firing the coil with only live ohms on please. Start with a cold coil and put the time scale to like 30 seconds..
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