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when it comes to computers and software, i am lacking in skills. maybe try and reinstall the escribe program. as long as your mod connected with the same usb cable last week, there's no reason why it shouldn't connect now. can you try and connect from another comp? a friends, a spare, or even go to best buy or walmart and download escribe onto one of their computers and try to connect your mod lol. i've done it. just to see what escribe was like when it was first released.

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digatel said:

[QUOTE=black lace]Win 10: we got ridd of it, not easy to do that either... somthing changed every few weeks, we were feeling like victims of a cruel experiment..

I refuse to download Win 10, cuz I've heard so many bad things. [/QUOTE]If your currently running Windows 8 I'd upgrade to Windows 10. But I prefer Windows 7.
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