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Efusion Keeps Cutting Off


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Have you tried reloading the Efusion settings?

From Lostvapes web site:  Download the official Evolv Escribe Lost Vape Efusion Settings Here. This file contains the complete results of the Battery Test, Mod Resistance Offset, and Case Analyzer settings. Also included are Titanium and 316 Stainless Steel Heating Element Profiles. Please ensure that EScribe is updated to the latest version prior to using this profile.

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You might try forcing an update again and when it says connect a device just keep clicking ok 4 or 5 times while you wiggle the cable at the usb.  Be sure the USB cable is capable of data transfer and not just a charge cable. I have a usb cable for my cell phone that transfers data but not to my dna200.  Not all cables will work.

If you can disconnect the battery you could try a forced update with the battery out of the circuit.  

If you can't force an update then you might just RMA it to Evolv.

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