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Scoopy's passing


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My husband was scoopy79. Unfortunately my husband took his own life the last week of january. He was a coal miner but the rest of his time was dedicated to vaping, building mods, making juice, building coils and learning everything he possibly could about vaping. Its definately safe to say he was majorly addicted to all aspects of vaping. He always tried to help when ppl were having trouble witj their set ups. Unfortunately after he took his own life someone broke into our house and stole over 500 dollars worth of diy ingrediants. We had over fifty flavors and they took every bit. My husband had just got called back to work after a year and only worked one day and then passed that night. So there was no life insurance. So i jad to move out of the house we were buyingThey also took every set ups we had. So as of now our children and I have no income and now I cant afford to vape. Ppl r heartless. I just thought wld post that he had passed because I know he absolutely loved being a part of this. Hopefully somehow ill get bk on my feet cuz even if my mods hadnt gotten stolen I vape 30 ml a day so that 22 bux a day. Its cheaper to smoke. My husband and I havent smoked in 17 months and im afraid im going to give in and go back

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Sorry for your lost and getting robbed.

You can easily buy 1L of 100mg Nic for $45 and 1L of PG/VG for $12 each. For $150 you can continue vaping for a whole year. The nic will last you like 4-5 years so all you will need to buy after is the PG/VG which about $100 worth will last you another year. Unflavored is cheap. Only when you add in the flavors does it get expensive and only by $1 more per 30ml bottle. I make each 30ml 6mg unflavored bottle for $0.25.

If you need a new setup you can buy them cheap now too, with a 200w Reuleaux going for as cheap as $35. You could have a completely new awesome setup for like $100

Please don't give up! It is completely not cheaper to smoke if you do it right. Right now if I vaped unflavored I can vape 30ml a day and It would only cost me like $90 a year, try doing that with smoking.

See this is my Ejuice calc, which shows the price per bottle as well. $0.26 per 30ml bottle = $94.9 a year.


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