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    Wismec DNA200
  1. Scy123

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    Mines read a little high too. Would it really effect tc? It seems to work fine in tc and i would rather leave it. But, if it will make tc better I might attempt.
  2. I had this happen to me once and I fixed it by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.
  3. Scy123

    All of my buttons stopped working on board.

    You try doing a hard reboot?
  4. Scy123

    Device won't ask me for new coil.

    Yes, it will only ask if it's a new coil if the ohms are within a certain range. If the ohms are really far apart it will not ask.
  5. Yes I am using 2/29 EScribe. It still shows a curve is not one-to-one error when I try to restore defaults, but it works fine when I try to upload setting, which is great!
  6. Scy123

    Device won't ask me for new coil.

    I noticed you don't have anything set for mod resistance. You should set it to 0.003. That is the default for the Wismec. Probably won't solve your problems but will make it more accurate.
  7. Wow you are a genius! It solved my problem as well. Thank you!
  8. *** 2016-02-12 EScribe 1.0.39 *** (52MB standalone installer)This version features:(1) a new Materials tab where you can store and transfer material settings onto and from the DNA,[We've included our Ni200, and Steam Engine's SS316 and Ti1. These will be upgraded in the future, if better data becomes available, and others added if others become common.](2) the ability to change a profile's material without EScribe, by holding down all three buttons while locked,(3) Profile Name and Material Name can be displayed on-screen as custom fields,(4) profiles now have a "Temperature Dominant" option, making temperature the main adjustment for a profile if you want to do so,(5) for small batteries, in the Mod tab, you can reduce max continuous and pulse battery input currents,(6) in Help->Language, you can override the language detection,(7) Device Monitor has "Simulate Button Presses" for remote testing,(8) Device Monitor can run Python scripts for scientific study and automation,(9) the ability to adjust the temperature increment, and(10) various OS compatibility and miscellaneous improvements.*** 2016-02-23 EScribe 1.0.41 *** (52MB standalone installer)This version includes all of the changes of 2016-02-12 and also features:(1) a friendlier Screen tab,(2) support for "Hold To Change Material", "Hold To Change Power", and "Temp Locked Hold Up Down" screens,(3) the speed of power adjustment no longer increases drastically when switching from 0.1W to 1.0W adjustments,(4) detection of a DNA 200 in recovery mode - now it will suggest a firmware update instead of not showing up until you hit Update Firmware, and(5) minor bug fixes and improvements to usability.Hope that is what you're looking for.
  9. Scy123

    SS 316L coil with DNA200 board Problems

    I turned off preheat cause it was recommended somewhere for SS. I have not tried locking the res but, will do it later. I doubt it is a connection issue cause when it happens it keeps happening all the time with any tank until I remove the batteries and restart the device. Also the cold ohms read the same so if it shifted it is not displaying it.I will play around with it a bit and report back later with pics and such.
  10. Scy123

    Think Vape Panzer Box

    If you're interested in the tool, you can find it here. /topic/66031-topic/
  11. Scy123

    SS 316L coil with DNA200 board Problems

    I have the same problem with my Wismec DNA200. It works perfectly fine in tc with ni200. When I try UD SS 316L, it works fine for awhile then it goes into some sort of phase where it will be like you describe, the only way to get it back to normal is to pull the batteries and restart it. Then it will repeat this. I also noticed I have an atty with a particular build, that when I try to use it, it will 100% put the device into this phase.It will also sometimes will read the temperature higher then it really is. Like it will show the temp as 500 degrees but it gives off no vapor.What I find helps but not solve the problem is to build really high ohm spaced coils, not really sure if this actually really helps, but it seems to.
  12. Scy123

    Scoopy's passing

    Sorry for your lost and getting robbed.You can easily buy 1L of 100mg Nic for $45 and 1L of PG/VG for $12 each. For $150 you can continue vaping for a whole year. The nic will last you like 4-5 years so all you will need to buy after is the PG/VG which about $100 worth will last you another year. Unflavored is cheap. Only when you add in the flavors does it get expensive and only by $1 more per 30ml bottle. I make each 30ml 6mg unflavored bottle for $0.25. If you need a new setup you can buy them cheap now too, with a 200w Reuleaux going for as cheap as $35. You could have a completely new awesome setup for like $100Please don't give up! It is completely not cheaper to smoke if you do it right. Right now if I vaped unflavored I can vape 30ml a day and It would only cost me like $90 a year, try doing that with smoking.See this is my Ejuice calc, which shows the price per bottle as well. $0.26 per 30ml bottle = $94.9 a year.
  13. Scy123

    Escribe issues

    When I change it from do not show to show temp it flashes the coil temp when it goes over temperature. Here is a pic. It normally shows watts but when I go over temperature it flashes the temp. Also where the temp use to be it changes to watts. Language and local settings on both my PC and VirtualBox are both set to English United States and United Stats. I never changed any of those settings. unless a program I installed changed it, it should be default.
  14. Scy123

    Escribe issues

    I was having the exact same problem. It downloads the settings fine and I can even change some minor settings on the device from the PC, but then I try to upload all setting it show a cure is not one-to-one message.I found that if I installed and used VMware virtualbox on the same machine it works fine in the virtual environment. Weird!
  15. Scy123

    Forgetting ohms

    I'm using it on the Wismec dna200 and I've tried it with the Billow v2, Kayfun 4 and Lemo 2. All of them I get the same results. As soon as I pull the battery and replace it, it will forget the current ohms and reset it when it fires.So far everything else works perfectly fine including having the ohms saved when it comes out of sleep so I don't think it is a connection issue.