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Waiting for warranty boards.


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Is anyone else waiting an unusually long amount of time for warranty boards to be returned?

I've always raved about how wonderful Evolv customer support has been, whenever I had a dead board(s) I would send them off, and typically within a week or two evolv would have them coming back.  It's gotta be close to six or eight weeks at this point since I sent out the first package of boards and after today I'll have shipped them a third package.

Absolutely love evolv I just need my boards.

(on another note, I was watching Seinfeld while at the shop, and they went to Akron, Ohio in the episode...ha!)

Thank you Evolv, and anyone else for your input.

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Yeah, I can understand that. I am in Michigan, just a few hour drive from Evolv's home base. They moved? Uh oh... I better look into that. Ahhh you're right. The tracking on all my packages says forwarded. I guess they haven't even received them then. Well thank you for making me aware of that. I had asked them twice through help desk if they had received them, with no answer. Never even thought to look at my tracking.

Well...evolv staff, do you seem to get your forwarded packages?

Thank you.

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I just wanted you guys to know that evolv got in touch with me, and we resolved everything.

The main problem was my own fault for not staying educated on where I'm sending my packages.  Not being aware of evolv's move.  Other than that, I don't think there would have been a problem.  

Finally my packages have arrived to evolv, the forwarding service sent them all over the place first, but looks like I should be getting them back soon.

Thank you Evolv.  Reputation untarnished.

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