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Okay, I have just one simple important, and final question.


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VW mode. Do I need to use the Kanthal wire curve in materials or can I just turn off the temperature features and vape like I have been in VW mode? I use the TFV4 subohm tank with .2ohm/100W, .15ohm/110W, .16ohm/125W, & .4ohm/91W Pre-made Smok Replacement coils. The difference between a strictly 18650 powered VW Kanthal vape and a DNA 200 hit (Hcigar VT200) is I think it uses up more liquid and burns through the coil sooner, also has less flavor, only more vapor. Can anybody help me with this?

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Turning off Temp Protect is fine on Kanthal.... try turning down the wattage and see if the flavor returns....looks like you are running the coils at the upper ranges recommended...

  • TF-T3 (Triple Coil)
    • 0.2? (40W - 130W)
  • TF-Q4 (Quad Coil)
    • 0.15? (40W - 130W)
  • TF-R1 (Rebuildable Single Coil)
    • 0.85?
  • TF-R2 (Rebuildable Dual Coil)
    • 0.25?
  • TF-N2 Standard Core (Ni200 Coil)
    • 0.12? (400°F - 600°F)
  • TF-N2 Air Core (Ni200 Coils
    • 0.12? (400°F - 600ºF)
    • Two Added Airflow Holes For Airier Draw
  • TF-T2 Standard Core (High Resistance)
    • 1.5? (20W - 45W)
  • TF-T2 Air Core (High Resistance)
    • Two Extra Airflow Holes For Airier Draw
    • 1.5? (20W - 45W)
  • TF-Ti Standard Core (Titanium Dual Coil)
    • 0.33? (450°F-600°F)
  • TF-S6 (Sextuple Coil)
    • 0.4? (30W - 100W)
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There are no modes on the DNA. X watts is X watts... What material is your coil?

If it is Kanthal, no temperature protection is going to occur, so you will get a purely power-controlled vape. The power level is related to the amount of vapor production. I'd try turning down the power. It may be much too high. You don't need to select Kanthal on a DNA device. We autodetect the non-temperature-sensing case.

If it is a temperature-sensing wire and it is temperature protecting, disabling temperature protection is going to increase the amount of vapor. I'd try turning down power.

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