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can you rearrange order of materials on mod?


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Hi folks

I've switched around the materials stored on my mod, adding some I use and removing some I don't.  that bit wasn't an issue.

what confuses me is the order they appear in:
It's not alphabetical (it is on the left box, but not the right)
It's not the order that I add materials - I tried deleting them all and re-adding them but it made no difference.
Has anyone else noticed this?
and has anyone got a way to sort this please?
If I can get Nife 30, 48 and 52 to appear in a group, I'll be happy


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I always thought they were in the order in which you add them. And if you can delete the ones on the Device while used by the profile, you are better than I. If a profile is using a material on the device, mine won't delete. Although computers won't let you delete something that is in use either, so it all makes sense to me.

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good idea, but sadly no cigar on this occasion


I wondered if it was to do with whether they are CSV or TCR but it's not that either

I also tried changing Nife52 to just Nife and re-adding it to the mod but that made no difference either;  it appeared directly below nife48

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Thanks for your thoughts retird - any suggestions on this are appreciated.
Looks like it's one for the boffins who do the programming.

I also tried renaming them all so they start with a number to see if it would then put them in numerical order - that didn't work either.
the order must be to do with wire properties

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