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Question aboout 1.2SP3

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They have cleaned up the app to hide stuff that the average user does not need to mess with, you will need Manufacture to access that setting.

From the DNA 200 sw FAQ on this forum

EScribe now has 4 display modes accessible through the menu under Options - Interface.
The differences in each mode compared to the previous versions are:
 Clean:             no Mod or Research tabs and no Atomizer Analyzer.
 Advanced:       no Research tab and only Charging Mode and Kanthal Power Limit on mod tab
 Researcher:     only Charging Mode and Kanthal Power Limit on mod tab
 Manufacturer:  same as the previous version with the Manufacturer settings on the mod tab expanded

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AMDtrucking said:

Is it just me? But the Battery Analyzer, in 1.2 SP3, shows much smaller and only in the upper, left corner. Why did I only get  1.666 W/h usable capacity, is another story. o.O

it's not just you. that's how it is. as for your dismal 1.666 wh's is this with a 26650? those batteries are less than great. i'll never get a 26650 mod. 26650's cannot handle the current demands for vaping, especially at 70 watts , like what you have the test set to.
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