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  1. 2legsshrt

    Paranormal DNA 75c door broke off

    Dang I've read too many problems with the Paranormal, I hate to go with 2 more Therions because of the battery issue. Is there another DNA75C that has the looks of Lost Vapes stuff but is a little more durable. LV must have a lousy CS dept. I have never had a problem with my old Therion after chewing through 4 battery wraps.
  2. 2legsshrt

    Lost Vape Paranormal wrong resistance

    Just wondering is this problem with reading wrong resistance exclusive to the Paranormal and not the Therion. Been going to get a couple but I'm not into taking it apart. I hate the battery problem on the Therion but my old one finally got broken in so I have no problems. Also I went over to Fasttech just to look and the Paranormals DNA75c all say discontinued is that something that is happening, I wouldn't buy a mod from them and I'm pretty sure Element Vape would stand behind their stuff but kinda wanted to know if they fixed the problems that seem to be occuring with the Paranormal I don't understand how they can make such a beautiful mod like the Therion and not fix the problem with the back battery tearing the wraps. It's been like that since I got my older DNA75. Went through about 4 wraps before it finally stopped doning it.
  3. 2legsshrt


    I take it they have not come out with any FW updates lately for the DNA75 like they did with the 200. I like the 75 pretty well but not as well as the 200 board whether it be in a 200 or a 133 just seems a lot more stable to me.
  4. 2legsshrt

    Therion DNA 75 Owners

    What has worked for me is the same as the video on YT about how to get the batteries our of the Triade.1. Push the spring loaded side all the way down about 100-150 times. Sounds like a lot but if an old guy like me can do it you can.2. The front one should be pretty easy to get out now just pulling from the open side, the back one put the ribbon all the way to the top and pull in a downward motion also towards the open side. I did this and have torn no more battery wraps since, you can also use the ribbon that way on the front battery but I found after I did the spring thingy I didn't need to.
  5. 2legsshrt

    316 settings problems

    I used the TCR for 316L which is .00088 and it worked well but I didn't like it as well as using the .csv file from SE.
  6. 2legsshrt

    DNA 200 Mods that take 18650's???

    I have a Lost Vapes Triade that I like a lot I also have the HCigar VT133 which is very nice but I like the form factor of my Therion 75 much better which I'm sure is the same size as the Therion 133. Only a couple places have them and they run around $150. I've been kinda waiting for them to come down a little but so far that's a no go and then to find a place in the states that isn't OOS is another problem. FT has a good price but I'm not too hot on having something like that confiscated with no recourse. Like I say though if you don't care if you have 200w and just want the DNA200 board the VT133 is nice the Therion is just a little smaller and more rounded which fits in the hand a lot nicer IMO.
  7. 2legsshrt

    Let's see your 250's!

    I mean do you think the board is going to stand up like the 200.
  8. 2legsshrt

    Battery Discharge Profiles

    Hey I was wondering my VT133 came with no manu settings set. I had trouble from the get go with the battery bar it showed empty at 3.69v. I got the discharge profile from the /German site for the HG2 which made a big diff but it still shows empty at about 3.45v the most accurate one I have is my Lavabox 75 when that bar shows empty it is right at 3.3v perfect for me. If I saved that profile and used it on my VT133 do you think it would work? Or would it be different because it is a 75. That is the only thing that was set on my Lavabox so I got the rest of the settings from Volcano and put them in for that one. I also used Steves settings and really they were slightly different but I didn't see much of a change between the 2.
  9. 2legsshrt

    Let's see your 250's!

    Gotcha make more sense. How is it compared to the 200?
  10. 2legsshrt

    Let's see your 250's!

    How do they get 250w out of 2 18650's somekind of magic spell.
  11. 2legsshrt

    SS316L Help

    IDK if I'll be a lot of help here because I do TC fairly simple. I either use a Kayfun V5 or Kanger STM both of which are very stable in TC. I use Temco SS316L 26 gauge 3mm ID 6 wraps .45ohms. I tried several profiles for SS316L Jacquiths, Stock, using correct TCR which is .00088 but the best one for me is the SS316L Elite from Steam Engine. That particular coil uses around 10w to maintain 410F so I set my watts to 25w no preheat, resistance unlocked. I use that profile on all my DNA's and when running Device Monitor the DNA75's are nearly perfect and the DNA200's are perfect as close to a straight line as you can get for temp. I never had much luck with prebuilt heads when I tried the which was a while ago so never used them again. For me this is as good as TC could be. I love it.
  12. 2legsshrt

    Battery Bar issue Solved

    These are also .csv files and once downloaded you can put them right into Escribe and load them on your device.
  13. 2legsshrt

    Battery Bar issue Solved

    Here is where I got mine. You can translate them or not but you can still tell what they are without 5 different batteries here I believe.http://dna200.de/kurven_akku/
  14. 2legsshrt

    Battery Bar issue Solved

    Well thanks to Steve we got the battery bar working again. What we ended up having to do was DL the .csv file with the discharge profile for the LG HG2 and loading it onto the device. Took a long time to figure it out but thats what it took. Now it is really really good. I can sure see the difference between the accuracy of the 200 board and the 75. The 75 is really good the 200 is awesome. Never have seen anything hold the temp with SS like the 200 board does. Thanks again Steve.
  15. 2legsshrt

    Still having battery bar issues

    Well battery bar issue fixed again thanks to Steve. I had to DL the .csv battery profile for the LGHG2 load it on my device and now my battery bar is working and showing between 1/3 and 1/2 instead of empty. Thanks Steve your a life saver. Or mod saver.