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DNA 250 Dual 18650 wiring diagram

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Hey all! 

I've had a few DNA mods in the past (a therion 75 and a VT200box) and I recently decided to purchase what I see as the best of both worlds - a DIY DNA 250 series box! I couldn't deal with being restricted to 75 watts on all of my builds, and I really disliked feeling like I was on a "leash" when charging the lipo. 

I got the kit from modcrate, although it is lacking the JST charging cable (which is kind of a bummer) so I need to pick one of those up.

So I've watched a few DNA 200 wiring videos, and the designs are basically the same on the DNA 250. Seeing as I'm a little new to wiring, I figured I would make an account here and ask if anyone had any suggested wiring diagrams?

Thanks for any help in advance! I've never been on the forum much before now, already learning new things I can do with this chip! Pretty amazing.

P.S. The kit also strictly came with 16g wiring - can I/should I use exclusively 16g or should I definitely absolutely use the recommended gauge? Trying to keep project on a budget but if it's necessary then I can make it happen.

P.S.S. Where do I buy that... heat tape stuff. The tape that goes on the back of a chip? Not sure what it's called, but I know it was on both the Therion and the VTBox200. Figure I may as well protect the board as much as possible!

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The wiring is the same as the 200, there are a few diagrams on here I will have a search.

Look up the wiring gauage in the spec sheet on the product page, I like to use the recommended gauges.  You don't need thick wires for the balance connections, the thickest is for the 510 and the battery ones are a little thinner, though still thick.

If you mean the thin orange tape it is called either Kapton tape or polyimide tape and you can get it from all good electronics supply outlets or eBay, eve fasttech sell it.

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Ah! Thank you guys so much! I was wondering if I could just do it without the connector and I think it will be better this way anyway. The box from modcrate is small enough that I didn't know of it was even going to fit! One last clarification, on that picture pin3 and pin4 have a red line across one another, does that mean I also need to lead pin3 to the negative as well? I believe it does mean this but I am an amateur and I don't want to mess up my chip! Thanks for all of the help so far guys, so glad I decided to ask the forum!

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In the spec the pins are numbered GND, 1, 2, 3 with no pin 4, I will use that for consistency. You don't need to bridge to the positive or negative unless you plan to only use a single balance wire from the point between the cells to pin 1, if you did it that way then you would bridge GND to negative and pins 2 & 3 to positive.  Otherwise just bridge pins 2&3, it could be done in the plug if you prefer and the rest of the wiring is the same as normal.

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