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Hcigat VT75 nano - newbie question


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Hello, I just purchased my first DNA and I noticed something, if I display the volt, it gives 0 reading until I start vaping and counts the volt like lots of others mods, but I noticed someone having the volt reading with respect to wattage selected, like VTC mini or cuboid 150, lets say if you choose 30W on some coil it gives you 4V, instead of reading 0 and increment, it directly gives you 4V, I saw someone with a DNA post a picture of his mod that does that, is there any way to do it ?

I hope I made myself clear since english isnt my first language

Thanks alot for your support

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Cheers Wayneo, if you think about how temp protection and variable wattage were invented Evolv were ther first for both and they have never had a variable voltage device device.  From the get go they developed the boards to work from a wattage setting and regulated power in real time and not just volts which many of the less sophisticated VW and temp protected/controlled boards that came after do.  So from the boards point of view the voltage is a moment by moment value, not a setting and is never calculated before so there is no reason to store it.

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