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2legsshrt said:

I take it they have not come out with any FW updates lately for the DNA75 like they did with the 200. I like the 75 pretty well but not as well as the 200 board whether it be in a 200 or a 133 just seems a lot more stable to me.

Can sp5a be applied to a 75? Just bought two mods from a decent deal and one from a guy that got an ipv8 and was angry at evolv so that was a good deal i think.
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ChunkyButt200 said:

the SP updates are for the 200/250 boards. there hasn't been a FW update for the 75 board yet (excluding the small "weak battery" update) .

Thsre was an update past thw 2016-06-05?! I have that on Sdna75 and 1.2sp5 on dna200. Im kinda waiting to see what users say a put the 250. As the 200 is good unless they added a lot of new stiff as i see the 75 monitor lacking conpared to dna200 so there is less componemta mostly voltage from usb amps and per cell monitoring accuracy seems about same but a bit better on 200 dunno if i need the extra 50w. unless there more than jusy a bigger fuse but i dont know anyone locally with dna250 and vaping got demonized in vancouver, sure its tdp free but shops now look like adult shops.
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