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DNA won't turn on?


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I've left it at home and when I came back, every time I press fire, the screen turns on but as soon as I let go of firing, it immediately turns off.

If I hold the fire button, it turns on and gets to the mode screens and is sort of operational (except for the fact that you're holding fire).. 


Usb can't detect it but no voltages on battery and or charge on screen.


Could this be a battery problem? or is my DNA broken in some way?





Exactly the same as this!

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dwcraig1 said:

Where you bought it if new, Lost Vape service center or a ticket with Evolv.
4.2 volts is full charge for most Li-on cells, there are some that are 4.35 volts.

Shame, Thanks craig. I was hoping to troubleshoot it on my own but seems like I have no choice but to get help from suppliers... I hope they reply soon. :( mod's pretty new.
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Gents, while the problem is real, there was missing/vague information. o.O

First off, that photo does not match any Lost Vape product and it's certainly no Triade 3 battery mod like the video or the photo. It's a 2 battery Thinkvape Finder 167 I bet. Then again, the OP's vagueness never did say it was, nor was that ever clarified. 

If it is pretty new, the place of purchase would be where to start, and they should repair/replace that for you.  :thumb:

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