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Battery Problem


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 I'm new to modding and I am messing with the DNA75. I have it wired up in parallel with fresh batteries (VTC4) and it keeps showing check battery. I have checked continuity throughout the board and the board is getting the true 4.2v. Atty side it shows maybe .1 Volts. I have read that there is a fuse in the DNA200 that would blow, causing a similar problem, But I have also read that the DNA 75 does not have this fuse. That being said, I bought the board in working condition in a moonshot box and I de-soldered the connections and re-soldered based on the Evolv website. 
Not sure where to go from here. 
Did I fry something?

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see if you have voltage after the reverse battery protection mosfet. (the pic below should look familiar to a certain someone!)

(on the back of the boARD) check these 3 pins for batt voltage. only those 3 i have circled in red, the 4 pin (pin closest to the USB area is the gate, don't probe that)

(on the front of the board) if you can get through the conformal coating and solder mask, stick your DMM probe in anyone of these vias circled in red. there should be batt voltage there as well.

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your testing those 3 pins without the USB plugged in, correct? any missing components from either side of the board? can you post a couple, good quality, shots of the board front and back? as a last ditch effort, try re-flashing the firmware on the board. it is possible you damaged the board, somehow, removing it from it's original enclosure (too much heat / slipped with the soldering iron and knocked off an SMD / stray solder blob is shorting a component). more than likely you'll be opening a help ticket with Evolv for a new board. 

link for help ticket....


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