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VT250s Dual Cell Config Escribe mod settings - case thermal and mod resistance


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Measured the internal resistance using a copper dowel, with a milled 510 connection. Set internal resistance to 0 in Escribe, invoke the atomizer analyzer, screw in copper plug until read resistance settles - that is the internal resistance. 

Haven't used the mod in 3 cell mode at all yet

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@mstave With all due respect, I have found a copper tool is no longer an accurate tool for the 2xx series measurement ever since the Feb 2016 updates. With mine from smokefreemods.com, after Feb 2016, it would go to ~.006 then a ?. At the latest firmware, I'm also getting around the same (0.006 or 0.007) but no longer a '?'.

I did retest my boards with the method below and get the same results as I already had before (0.002-0.006) while AA worked.

Starting around here -> giz_60 alternative mod resistance calculation (March 10 post)


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On 2017-06-27 at 1:20 PM, Wayneo said:

I guess that must've been the wrong link, only showing the wire. In another thread it's mentioned to subtract the cold ohm value (.142) from the raw ohm value (.145), leaving a .003 which matches the copper plug. Sorry 'bout that. 

So 0.007 or 0.003?

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4 hours ago, Wayneo said:

Read my prior post. 


Thanks, had to re read it as some of the technical content was being a bit hazy. I'm gonna go with 0.0032, unless anyone can provide the actual 4th point

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