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  1. had a similar issue using the bridgs in a boro tank, resolved it by tightening the top nut that locks the boro in place with a wrench.
  2. True, unlikely they are close to the actual profile, they never are in ny of my other dna mods. After doing a bit of reading, looks like the dna60 predated the escribe software - the sort of legacy board that might produce artifacts like a funtional thermal profiling unit, without any applicatoin to this chip. Oh well, works more of less.
  3. Thanks dwcraig1. Seems a bit strange to enable the functionality in escribe. The program obviously detects what chip has been connected to the computer, why not just disable that portion of the settings?
  4. Anyone have a thermal profile for the SXK BB DNA60, or know how to useescribe to get one?
  5. It certainly is. I generally give this vendor a pass.
  6. Hey Zak - thanks for the tip - ordered!
  7. I cannot recommend VapeSourcing as a vendor - I have purchased from them about 20 times, and had quality issues with three of the products they sent me, all shrink wrapped items. They did not respond to emails until called out on social media, and only then offered compensation or replacements. You can do better
  8. They haven't refunded yet. Sent me an email asking if I wanted to wait til next week. I said no, refund me now. I am also paying $50 less at 2fdeal.
  9. I have no doubt that Think Vape will be getting them out. It's just Hotcig (or focalecig, whatever they are called) that I don't believe - at least three people, including me, have received three different stories - I hve no trust in them at this point. I bought mine for $50 less at 2Fdeal
  10. VapeSourcing has the Paranormal 250C for $118 + shipping, but with the coupon code "STPatrick" the total comes to $111
  11. I have canceled my order. I I do not believe them. 2fdeal and 3fvape both have this mod for $118, and advise that they will have them to ship on April 10
  12. I can't tell for sure, there are some references to it, but I don't think so
  13. Hotecig says it'll ship next week: Carina <sales@hotecig.com> 3:38 AM (4 hours ago) to me Hello,your parcel will ship next week.I wish you have a good time.
  14. Looks like an exact copy. Not touching anything from this site
  15. Went with DHL, added the 5% discount code and picked up a cloned dual coil BF atty for good measure
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