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    Hello everyone. I like this theme very much and thanks Stepladder and DJLsb again. Since i don't see there is any newer version of the theme. So i try to keep it update and bugs fix. This is a year 2020 version of DJLsb Theme with Replay. Hope everyone enjoy.
  1. Version 1.5.1


    I like the DJLsb Theme very much. Green is GOD. I try add my style on top. Hope someone like my mod. #VB logo add on the lock screen. #Puff sec & total puff count added on main screen. #Flickers and glitches fixed on REPLAY mode. #New style Info page updated. #Preheat/Boost page updated. #Punch bar problem fixed. #Coil material and profile now combined in the settings page. #Fire ESC on some page which don't come with the back arrow.
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