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Found 10 results

  1. Version 10.2


    Please submit your reviews to support "Pro Vapers". I will send the Private Gold Version in the personal message box of the site to appreciate who have posted their review or followed this theme. Update: 2022-08-07 This is an enhanced theme for Evolv DNA color devices. Exposing the full capabilities Priority and care were given to make this theme as clean, functional and intuitive as possible. For designing This theme, numbers of existing theme were studied and their strengths were noted. There are many many hidden fields and functions. Minimum used space (Off-Board memory and On-Board memory usage) Easy Temp & Watt, Replay, Preheat and Boost mode Control. And more features. Why should I install this theme? This theme has been designed to possess all the possible features. Battery usage is efficient and the least number of resources are used. Download Theme Manual: You can download the theme manual to get acquainted with all the features. Includes a guide to the features and additional information of the "Pro Vapers" theme. Pro.Vapers_Manual_EN.pdf Versions Info: The features and menus of all versions are the same, but they are completely different in appearance. 1- Portrait Version is designed to be quite simple for those who are tired of graphic designs and access to features and simplicity is important. 2- DS Version is completely graphic. It is the only template that uses a hand to display an analog ( analogue ) clock. 3- SG Version is a graphical template that tries to maintain the simple appearance of the portrait version, with the difference that a large slider is displayed around the screen fields and changes color with increasing or decreasing power or temperature. 4- Led Version is designed to look like electronic LEDs, and the fields are displayed with the appropriate font for these screens. 5- Army version with a simple appearance and silver and blue color for those who like military themes. 6- YL version is iconic version with tall power numbers. 7- Gmatrix Version is a matrix green version with a different main screen. 8- Landscape Version is a horizontal display version for those who use horizontal themes. 9- Designers Edition is a version similar to the portrait version that is ready to use for design. You can easily change the colors or the background and create a custom version for yourself. Theme Info: Customization Manual and Resources: Special Thanks To: CMK aka gwyar, Wayneo, SirTimmyTimbit And all those who gave me ideas in making this theme. Description for Translate (UPDATED).txt Hope everyone enjoys! aMir Sirati
  2. Version 1.2.0


    Moderator edit: This is where you should write anything fancy or special about your theme. Or how to enable/disable a feature, etc. Or why a user should even put it on their mod. Feel free to delete this comment and replace it with words of your own.
  3. Version 1.5


    I used two fonts: Data Gothic (a free typeface by The Fontry) and Bell Gothic from the Adobe Font Folio. Both were tweaked for the theme. Let me know if you want the files. This theme is based on the amazing Hyperion Theme by @copyman . This one has new wallpapers, cleaner text/layout. If you have problems with the theme, or want to send me comments or feedback, then feel free to send me an email ( serenity@enderson.co.uk ) or inbox me on the Evolv Forum. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0 Stay safe and vape on! Serenity x
  4. Version 1.1.3


    Modified the famous Digital theme to better suit my taste and style. Currently using it in Hyperion, probably will flash into my Therions as well. Here's what's different compared to the original Digital theme: Background is brightened and desaturated, resulting in a much better contrast and readability, especially on lowest brightness settings Preheat/Replay pedals are also brightened and desaturated Swapped the "Puff info" and "Live puff" icons, as it wasn't making any sense Replaced "Profile" link on the main screen with "Puff info", as I find that chart extremely handy "Puff info" screen got a darker background and taller/wider chart, providing for a much better readability Various color and brightness tweaks, still work in progress. In future versions I probably will fool around with typefaces.
  5. Basically what I'm asking is can I use themes intended for the DNA75c/DNA250c on my Hyperion mod that has a DNA100c board? If not, is there any way to make them compatible and how do you do it? I've been trying to find sleeker and more minimalistic themes but the ones I can find only indicate compatibility with either a dna75c or dna250c. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. 357 downloads

    - deutsch und englisch umschaltbar in einer Bedienoberfläche - too many details to list them; You will discover them in daily use and you will love them ... Description_for _translation.txt
  7. Version 1.1.0


    I've been working on this for months, pixel by pixel. Will post some explanations later, play with it.
  8. Version 1.5.7


    High Contrast theme Replay and TC ready. You can interact with most elements on Main Screen. -Clicking on the Battery Percentage Indicator opens Battery Screen. -Clicking on ohms open the Atomizer screen. Hyperion DNA 100c Plain Black Theme.ecigtheme
  9. Version 1.0.0


    VaporState theme made for Hyperion
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Lost Vape Hyperion Red_Version Theme is designed with simple emoji elements and LOGO inspired from Hyperion mod. Easy to operate and simple use. 1. The percentage of red color of the Hyperion Logo changed depend on the battery level. 2. Centre Color of HYPERION LOGO showed in BLACK when connecting to USB-C, and showed in RED in a normal situation. Shoutout to all disigners, to @Tortuga, to Michael Soulvape Schmidt Themes©2021 & Lost Vape Hyperion Black Leather Theme© are private properties. Who inspired me
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