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  1. Im confused too. Let me know when the chat gave you a answer. Very weird indeed.
  2. That is interesting. I just did a short test and put my 0.6 build to 200w and achieved 6.9 volt displayed on the mod. Didn't test it in escribe so there might be a difference, maybe. Used a Paranormal 250c with 2x VTC5A 18650
  3. Thank you mate! Will look through it when I have the time 👍
  4. I think it is something between 7-7.5 but don't take my word for it. Would also love to know a official v.
  5. I think I my wording was bad, sorry for that. I know the Triade is a 3x 18650 mod, what I meant if there are settings for the Triade, or even better maybe a guide how to test all of this and make your own settings. Sorry, I'm new to DNA mods
    Awesome. But a replay screen would make it even better 😉
  6. Are there setting for the Paranormal 250c so the battery % is more accurate? Or is there something I should change?
    Great and good to use theme. But a few things, is there a way to use the puff life info? Because when I go in there and press fire I go back to the main screen. And what is the big sun in the settings menu besides the clock? It looks like the colour toggle in the main screen but I doesn't do anything. And one more question, is there a way to change the watts in 1 increments and not 0.1? Also the preheat doesn't seem to work. I have it enabled but can't change the punch. Very good job, like it a lot 👍 please excuse all these question, it is my first DNA mod.
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