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  1. It gives you more precision in coil resistance reading. More of an OCD thing, really
  2. Nah. The issue that caused me to contact WetVapes was not related to mod's thermal readings. It was related to a 510 pod that was not secure. I since fixed it myself by taking a mod apart and tightening up the pod from the inside. What bothered me during Case Analyzer run was that even during the "cooling" stages throughout the analysis it was showing a charging going on at 0.001-0.003 amps. In the end I opted to ignore it and had been running on the values I got for over a year.
  3. I have VTC5a curve profiles for a single and dual setups. Unfortunately, I don't have one for a triple setup. I think you can use the curve for dual setup posted HERE and simply change the watt/hours value to reflect a triple cell. As to case analyzer question - I ended up with the numbers I got as a result of running a Case Analyzer:
  4. In Escribe on "General" page select the tab of the profile where you want Replay enabled and put a check mark in "Use Replay on this profile" box.
  5. This guide helped me when I was starting: DNA Calibration 1 DNA Calibration 2 DNA Calibration 3 DNA Calibration 4
  6. These are the settings for Triade DNA250c which is a completely different mod. All tests have been performed on a triple VTC6 battery configuration (while Paranormal uses 2). So no, this ecig profile won't be accurate for your mod.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Lost Vape Triade DNA250c settings (.ecig) after case analyzer and resistance tests on triple VTC6. Battery Analyzer run for triple Sony VTC6 3000mah 17.899wh Cell Soft Cutoff set to lower limit of these 18650's at 2.75v Mod internal resistance measured with copper plug at 0.006 ohms Case Analyzer run at 73F ambient.
  8. Your best bet would be contacting Evolv. I've had the same problem with Triade DNA200 (it would read one cell at 0v not matter what) - issue turned out to be Evolv's chip.
  9. Have you tried other atty's? Or is it happening with Berserker MTL RTA only? I've had similar issue with my Berserker MTL RDA sitting on top of Asmodus Pumper 21 - mod would simply be cussing at me.
  10. Just got a call from Wet Vapes. They told me they had received my mod and that they had decided to check 5 more Triades they had in stock. They confirmed that all 5 of them had this 1 mm of wiggling room on 510 pod when atty was completely screwed in. So it's either a batch they got or a shitty manufacturing from Lost Vape (which is most likely the case).
  11. He says it does. However... Below you can see side-by-side results of Case Analyzer for Triade and Finder. When I ran Case Analyzer for Finder there was no amperage during the cooling - it was steady at 0.000 amps. The interesting part is that "Case USB Connect Temperature Rise" values are at 0F which technically should indicate that there was no temperature raise due to this minute amperage. On the other hand, "Case Static Temperature" value for Triade is significantly higher...
  12. The reason I'm concerned about it is because of THIS video. Bill is saying there that when you see charging while cooling off it means that mod is experiencing "leak-through" which causes mod to heat (even though it's not really charging) which, in its turn, leads to incorrect results of the whole Case Analysis. He also states that he saw it happening in (and I quote) "a mod of a certain Chinese brand that supported 2A charging". So it's quite possible that Lost Vape is in fact this "certain Chinese mod" with 2A charging. In this case he recommends going with default values that mod has sinc
  13. Ran Case Analyzer yesterday with ambient temperature around 72F.. Results are attached. Mod resistance appears to be 0.006 ohm. What I don't like is that even during the "cooling" stages throughout the analysis it was showing a charging going on at 0.001-0.003 amps. Which is not a good sign, really. Screenshot is attached a well.
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