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  1. asmcriminal

    Temperature protect in Replay

    Sometimes when I am dry firing my coils I get "temperature protect" and I can't fire them. I am also thinking that temperature protect is not allowing me to get the vape I want in replay. I know I can turn it off in escribe, but if I do will it prevent replay mode from working?
  2. asmcriminal

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    You know... I am not understanding your first post on "Setting up the DNA 250C" I am starting to have problems as you have stated. I can't get "the perfect vape." I think it has to do with the temperature protect on replay. You can turn it off in escribe. But I Have not done that yet. I have been a bit too lazy. I also don't know if it will prevent replay from working.
  3. asmcriminal

    Come Work at Evolv

    I am not sure if this post is still relevant. But I am a software engineer/(computer science major) and I would be interested at working at Evolv.
  4. I had the DNA 200 for about three months(it's my brothers). When we first received the device TC mode did not work. It constantly said, "Temperature Protected" or something along those lines. I sent in the device for him a few weeks ago, and it came back. TC mode was working fine for a few days, now there are problems again. I made sure everything with tight(screws and atomizer). Everything was solid. I turned on the Atomizer Analyzer in escribe. The resistance was fluctuating a lot. I put on another RDA and the resistance was still all over the place. I plugged in my DNA 250C and turned on Atomizer Analyzer and the resistance was solid on all the RDAs. So I know it's not the RDA it is the device. On my DNA250c the resistance read 0.19 ohms. On the DNA 200 it was jumping around between 0.24 - 0.30 ohms. I manually set the resistance and it appears to be working for now on the DNA 250. I shouldn't have to do that.
  5. It has had issues with my Citadel.
  6. asmcriminal

    Puff Records storage and reset?

    Go into the theme designer and make that text box longer if possible. You can also try making the text smaller. Personally, I don't even use the built-in theme.
  7. asmcriminal

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    12 You should also play around with coils. A lot of "fancy" coils are pointless. I am specifically talking about different gauge wires. Simple coils. Those also greatly affect the vape experience. I didn't say "Reply is temp control," I said, "Replay is a basic temperature control." I meant basic in usage, not complexity. Yes TC mode produces a simple graph. Do you think replay doesn't? It will still produce a simple graph. You push the fire button and vape. The temperature of the coil/wattage would be pretty consistent graph. But yes, TC and Replay are similar. Why do you think that Replay only works on temperature control coils? The main difference between the two is in TC mode you program the device of how you want it. You pre-set the device. In Replay, you take a puff and it records the data. It and then you set it. You "post-set" your device. After the hit is when it gets programmed not before. Yes, I quoted the entire text so future readers can know exactly what I am replying to. I can't go through your text and pick out certain parts to quote. You write too much for that.
  8. asmcriminal

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    @Lanzarotechris I hated Replay mode at first. I burned a few wicks with it. I forgot to hit the "save" puff button. What I would do if I was you is that I would turn off all functions for replay. Turn off Preheat, warmth, and punch. I would start at a lower wattage and slowly turn it up. If I like one of the vapes then I would hit save. If you can't manage to find a puff you want. Then I would turn on one feature at a time. Also, keep in mind there is the DNA250C manual. In the manual it states: Preheat- When the DNA 250C is used with a temperature sensing atomizer, an additional feature called Preheat is activated. No vapor is produced when the temperature is below the boiling point of the liquid. Preheat applies extra power until the heating coil is up to operating temperature to shorten the delay between pressing the fire button and generating vapor. Because preheat is temperature based, it will not overheat or burn the vapor. The Preheat settings can be adjusted from the device. Boost - The DNA 250C supports Boost functionality when not used with a temperature sensing atomizer to briefly increase the initial power output at the start of a puff. This can be useful to allow higher mass coils to reach the point where they produce vapor quicker. Boost can be toggled on or off from the device. The Boost value is adjustable from 1 to 11 with a higher value giving a stronger Boost. Warmth and Punch are not discussed in the manual. When you have preheat on, you can set a preheat wattage. Let's say I am vaping at 50 watts and I have the preheat to 100 watts. It will fire at 100 watts until it reaches the temperature I specified. I am not sure if preheat is available in the default theme for replay. I am using a modified theme. Honestly, temperature control mode might work better for you. Replay is a "basic" temperature control mode. It was made because a lot of people thought TC mode was a bit complicated. In facts, it's pretty easy. eVolve is trying to get people to use temperature control mode and that's why there is Replay mode.
  9. asmcriminal

    Replaceable Coil Atomizer Requests

    I am having issues with a citadel on a 250C. It would instantly go into temp protect mode. It wouldn't even fire. I checked preheat, wattage, boost, all those things and turned them all off(expect wattage). I still had the same issue. If I loosen the RDA it seems to work for a bit. Right now it's working fine with 5 wraps of 26g. I believe I tried this build before and had issues. Maybe it was a 3.0mm ID. Right now I have a 2.5mm ID.
  10. I am having a similar issue with an atomizer. I tried many different types of coils and they are not the problem. Maybe your contacts were loose on the coils. When you changed them out they made better contact.
  11. asmcriminal

    Boost versus Punch

    What wattage would "Watt Boost" run at if it's non-zero? What is "punch" vs "boost" vs "preheat?"
  12. If it's at 35 watts it's probably because the coils are too hot and are running dry. Replay does have temperature protect. Thus if your coils are getting dry it will turn down the wattage.
  13. asmcriminal

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    I read all your comments. You still have not stated what the issue is for the "perfect vape." Is it too hot, too cold? What is the problem? I think you might be confused about preheat/boost/punch. I am confused a bit on those issues too, that's why I am here browsing the forums.
  14. asmcriminal

    Paranormal 75C resistance too high FIX

    This is absolutely ridiculous. You buy a new mod then you take apart?