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  1. I figured out my problem...after inspecting the premade coils I was using I found problems with all of them. I changed them out and the problem hasn't occured again. I would have thought it to be unlikely that several premade coils were bad . Nonetheless the warning has not came back on...fingers crossed though.
  2. Does anyone know what evolve charges to look at a mod, possibly fix it ?
  3. 1shootist

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    I had the same problem, did the service pack and it was good for a while then it started doing the same thing of not waking from sleep, did the service pk once again and so far it's been working as it should. It doesn't really make sense doing it 2 times but it's working.
  4. I tried both rda's I'm using with the 75c, on my paranormal 250c's...used replay, both functioned as they should.
  5. First, thank you for offering help..its appreciated. I cleaned it earlier but did so again to be certain I hadn't missed something. Still getting "ck atomizer" though. Whats strange is , it functions great in "watts" mode and in "Replay" mode..no ck atomizer warning at all...as soon as I "Save Puff" is when the check warning comes on..not everytime but pretty frequent. The ohms stays the same if the warning light is on or not.
  6. On a Rebel squonk dna 75c , watts works great, replay without saving puff is great ,the problem I'm having is after I "save puff" the check atomizer warning comes on. It's not everytime but enough to drive you mad. I read somewhere a while back before I had this squonker that this was a issue some folks were having but I can't find a fix for it. If anyone knows would you let me know. I've tired different rda's, different coils, different batteries.. I've even reset the theme to factory..all to no avail. I havent figured out if it actually is making a difference but when the check atomizer comes on I unscrew the rda a half turn then retighten, sometimes squonk juice up..and at times it will work..at times,..so I kind of doudt any of this is affecting it ,its probably coincidence. THANKS FOR ANY HELP !
  7. 1shootist

    Replay saved- Playing- Check atomizer Warning

    I just picked up a used rebel squonk dna 75c, on watts I am having no issues that I've noticed, when I "save puff" on replay though I am getting "check atomizer" warning a lot of the time. I remember reading somewhere a while back that an update is available for this as others have had the same problem ... I cant find anything other than this thread about it but it doesn't address a fix. I'm certain it's not the rda as it occurs on everyone I have, with different coils and wire. Thanks in advance if someone could help me out.
  8. 1shootist

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Thank you for that. could someone please explain to me how I download it. it says I need something else because its an sw file and its not going any further.
  9. 1shootist

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    I'll add my paranormal 250c to the list of those not waking from sleep mode. After reading all the above it appears there is still not a 100% fix..at least with the patch referenced. I'm having to plug the usb in to wake it. If anyone hears of a definite fix please let me know.
  10. 1shootist

    QP Designs Juggerknot RTA

    you can definitely use flat wire coils on the juggerknot..it does take a bit more time to be certain the wire is captured properly, though claptons are the easiest. I've used alien, quad core and a few others with really good results..though my favorite has been ss430 clapton single with 3mm i.d.
  11. 1shootist

    "Fake" Lost Vape Paranormal 250C?

    i have a fairly new paranormal 250c [mod configured - april 23 2018] that looks like the one on the left. and just got in Saturday a new therion 75c [mod configured - october 16 2017] ... neither box had scratch authentication stickers so I assume lost vape doesn't do them..both came from reputable dealers. i'm having a usb connection problem on the paranormal as it will stay connected for only a few seconds which makes it impossible to change the theme. the therion works great, changed the theme a few times already, no issues. i've tried multiple usb cables so thats not the problem. good luck with it.