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  1. Sure, This is a normal puff This is a "temp protect" puff which is happening all the time now. I have to use wattage mode.
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    Well, after using the other posted firmware I had no issues. Yet today as soon as I change my coil, it starts to happen again. No reason behind it. Tank can be full of juice or nearly empty. Be charging or not. I have no idea what causes it and it's really annoying as I paid (what I consider) a lot of money for this and I have to use it in wattage mode going forward. Here is a normal puff Here is "temp protect" Doesn't show me anything I can work off.
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    Interesting thread. So it seems that the themes actually make things worse? I've had the temp protect issue all evening and never once linked it to a theme. Going to try the firmware posted here to see if that helps.
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    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    Just to add to this thread, I agree with the above, somewhat. But what isn't clarified is how far you can go. Based on what you said, I decided to up the temp in replay mode, above what is recommended for the coil. So now for example I've upped it to 300 degrees c which is 572F. Above what the coils can take, but it gives me a good vape. I guess it is about having the "guts" to just do as you say, up the power until you get the hit you want. Don't pay attention to the wattage limits, I'm sure the mod will keep it safe.
  5. hoping someone can help. I recently bought a new DNA250C mod and a FreeMax Mesh Pro tank. I am very happy with both, except some small issues with this mod. The replay idea of the DNA250C appeals to me. Set it and forget it, but I'm finding that I am not getting the vape I want and I spend ages in the settings (getting lost sometimes in escribe) and I can't get it right. I want a nice warm vape which doesn't burn the coils. I have it set to 75watts (this confuses me as I just want a temperature to set, I have no idea what wattage to put, my other mod just allowed me to change temp). Yet the draws I get from it are weak. I check the last puff and it shows me that it was around 35 watts. Well I need to bump that up then, but I have no idea how. I've tried changing the boost settings but that seems to do nothing. How can I tweak this so it works best with these coils (ss316 by the way, resistance 0.112). I'm currently vaping in wattage only mode at 50 watts. Only then do I get a good hit. Even switching off replay and going into SS316 and cranking up the temp to nearly the max the coils claim to take, I still get a cold weak hit. Am I missing something?