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  1. I don't know, I mean if the files are the exact same. My one was run by me on my own dna75c using my own 30T
  2. yes working for me, no issues Shame on me, completely forgot about uploading the 40T profile
  3. Use it on your own risk. I just run it yesterday. Will run for the analyser for the 40T today.
  4. No I mean Recorded Puff Count. On my Paranormal: Recorded puff count shows 15862 whileTotal Puff count shows 15395 and just have reset it soPuff count since reset is 62
  5. Can anyone tell me what's the Recorded Puff count value? What's the difference between Recorded Puff Count and Total Puff Count? Can't find in the manual. Thanks
  6. mrdidit

    Smok TFV12 Prince

    Neither the Strip coil.
  7. Hi, I'm just wondering if it would be possible to disassemble my Paranormal and turn the 510 connector by 120°. All of my RDA's sitting weird and the airflow holes are in the wrong direction for my liking. What do you think? Cheers
  8. mrdidit

    Simple Horizontal theme

    really like the look of it, will download if arrive home and test only thing I don't like is this blue wallpaper, but easy to change keep up the good work
  9. mrdidit


    Hi, On the lock screen, you should remove the border on the left side. Other than that, really nice and clean theme, as usual, made by you. Cheers,
  10. mrdidit

    Replay stopped working

    The same thing happened with me. Have got the device today. Latest(only?) int firmware installed. Replay was working. Before even having my hands on the device, already have downloaded a replacement Theme, Material-ish Fire - DNA75c - DNA250c Optimized 1.1.0 Installed the mentioned Theme, but didn't like it so in EScribe I clicked on default Theme. Since then, Replay stopped working. I tried to find the Default Theme, without luck. So I tried to upload the mentioned Theme again. Voilà, Replay is working again. So I believe, the Default Theme included in EScribe has an older Theme, doesn't support Replay. Of course, I'm not 100% sure. Cheers, Hope it helps