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  1. Easy. You can use "Statistics - Since Reset - Puff Count" instead of "Recordings - Puff Count" and use a trigger to "Reset Statistics"
  2. My main idea was to separate temp and non-temp sensing materials on different screens because all those fields eat up some much space on the screen I could use for other useful stats to be visible. Also, a few friends use my theme but they want just a basic screen for VW and I don't want to maintain 2 themes. Figured it's good you need to press fire once more otherwise you stuck in the selected mode. Cheers for all the help
  3. Hi, Thanks for coming back. Yeah, I've tried this method but I couldn't make it work only if you use it on the Profile field readout. There is just one small gripe but it's not so bad. Actually, when you choose the desired Profile, you need to click select, and then select one more to trigger the action. Anyway, I love it. So the method is: On the Main screen Profile Field - Add condition Control: Field Compare: General - Profile Comparison: is equal to - Your desired Profile number On this condition (Profile = 2 in my case) Action - Go to -
  4. I don't mind if the profile will trigger the action. The only question left is it a command to do with escribe or do I need to do it in a 3rd party app? Cheers for answering, tho.
  5. I'm not sure how to edit my post so I put it just here. I know it was not clear what I want but here is a pic. I want this screen where the profile always Profile 1 on the top left regardless if I use another profile on another screen .
  6. Hi, Making my own theme and just wondering if there is a way for the profile field to default to a specific profile, so I can make my own screen for my 3 preferred profiles. It is possible to set profile read-only so it's not a problem, but I just can't find a way to define a profile for a specific screen. Thanks for reading
  7. I don't know, I mean if the files are the exact same. My one was run by me on my own dna75c using my own 30T
  8. yes working for me, no issues Shame on me, completely forgot about uploading the 40T profile
  9. Use it on your own risk. I just run it yesterday. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1ouH6Rhz5s8n435f06uOxoX9DeBwnv38N Will run for the analyser for the 40T today.
  10. No I mean Recorded Puff Count. On my Paranormal: Recorded puff count shows 15862 whileTotal Puff count shows 15395 and just have reset it soPuff count since reset is 62
  11. Can anyone tell me what's the Recorded Puff count value? What's the difference between Recorded Puff Count and Total Puff Count? Can't find in the manual. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm just wondering if it would be possible to disassemble my Paranormal and turn the 510 connector by 120°. All of my RDA's sitting weird and the airflow holes are in the wrong direction for my liking. What do you think? Cheers
  13. really like the look of it, will download if arrive home and test only thing I don't like is this blue wallpaper, but easy to change keep up the good work
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