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  1. JaI Haze

    Mac Suppport

    yeah neither the int or the us version works for me. Its due to the cpu im using, its the coffee lake. I can get it work on my dual cpu from 2017 just not the 2018 model with 4 cores
  2. JaI Haze

    Mac Suppport

    yeah ive had this problem for months now. I dont think they are going to update it
  3. JaI Haze

    Mac Suppport

    you and me both, every new version or even the old ones do not work. I sent in a ticket and they told me they were working on it
  4. JaI Haze

    Escribe not working

    mine used to work, ill I updated some of the codecs on the machine - https://cl.ly/bf3240768766/2019-01-13_15-04-11.mp4 this is what happens. Even unisntall and brand new install.
  5. I figured i would show you guys what happens with the new escribe. https://cl.ly/bf3240768766/2019-01-13_15-04-11.mp4
  6. JaI Haze

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    where at brother
  7. JaI Haze

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    here you go brother - https://cl.ly/bf3240768766/2019-01-13_15-04-11.mp4 youll see it just crashes sort of. Again, prior to the update yesterday and on my old system no issues. I tried int versions and went as far back as sp13
  8. JaI Haze

    eScribe and Mac w/Mojave

    this was working but I got a new mac and its not working anymore
  9. JaI Haze

    Escribe not working

    I am having this same problem, I got a new mac and i cant install any version. I tshows for a second then crashes
  10. do we know how long until the next release
  11. doesnt run in 10.14 beta 11, its hard to find any 32 bit app that works with mojave.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/9to5mac.com/2018/07/27/steam-for-mac-64-bit/amp/
  13. There is. Mac changed from high Sierra to Mojave’s to a 64bit. Almost every app had to remake. Escribe starts but that’s it.
  14. do you know if there is going to be a release for mojave?
  15. Just giving you guys an update, the software doesnt work on mojave