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  1. Thanks in advance. My paranormal 250c not charging Batteries to 100% it stuck at 97 to 99 percent depending on Batteries. i've analyzed all of my battery pair nad made separate CSV now using csv im getting 99%. I use external charger (SMOKE Battery Charger) to charge. My charger shows 4.22v but DNA reading 4.13v And each battery difference is 0.01v like 1 is 4.13v and the other one 4.14v So what can i do ?
  2. Dragonraihan

    Making advanced theme from ground up

    Thanks a lot. It was helpful . can i use condition to act upon unlock click if so then tell how to do it.
  3. Dragonraihan

    Making advanced theme from ground up

    Can you tell me about the condition with "Greater than/Less than/Equal to/Known/Unknown" and the entry that goes with it.
  4. Dragonraihan

    Making advanced theme from ground up

    Thanks ill check that out.
  5. Dragonraihan

    Making advanced theme from ground up

    Thanks can you tell me in details please.
  6. Thanks in advance guys. I want to make a theme for 250c so I started using theme maker but it's not easy to use it. After spending hours I made my own theme but Its realy simple. I want to make an advanced theme so I searched online for hours couldn't find any tutorial to help me. If you guys know any please help me. Or tell me how I do this ( board temp on lockscreen over the stars but field will hide when any click star appears)and (How do I change click stars to another symbols ) hope I explained it clearly
  7. Dragonraihan

    No Flavour From Replay

    Thanks Guys. I tried all the you said in this post and found out If i use "Restrict to viable coils" It only works with great on pure TC coils and works with same awg TC+Non TC twisted builds, don't work perfectly with Non TC Exotic with TC parallel builds. Even if i use regular TC+Non TC parallel builds my cotton slowly starts to burn. And If i use "Allow on dubious coils" it works great with small Non TC Exotic with TC wire parallel builds or any regular mixed wire builds and i do get lots of flavour I used "Restrict to viable coils" with "Support only Temp sensing coils" ON and OFF It does limits the type of coil i can use but If i use "Allow on dubious coils" with "Support only Temp sensing coils" ON it doesn't make any difference either way "Allow on dubious coils" works wonder In Replay mode TC materials is lot smoother than Watt material not necessarily better flavor. And if i use any dual type wire TFR/CSV from steam-engine (SS+TI, TI+NI, SS+NI, OR ant TC+A1) it wont work on any profile but Single wire TFR/CSV From steam-engine works good. After few experiment i found that Replay work Flawlessly with Regular coils that have one more warp TC than Non TC. TC wire need 1 more wrap than non TC wire like Coils both side gotta have TC wire Right and Left. Replay doesn't work on Non TC exotic build with TC wire parallel no matter the profile or settings i use.I think Because TC wire heats up faster than exotic coils so cotton start to burn under the TC wire and another reason exotic coil doesn't cool like reguler TC wire so my mod starts to throtolling after 2/3 puff.
  8. Dragonraihan

    No Flavour From Replay

    Ok . I found out the problem. problem was it's not I'm not getting flavour but it was too much flavour so It was muting my taste buds. But I found another problem in Replay. Using Pulse RDA 22 kanthal X 26 SS316L 8 wrap parallel 3mm id I can't save Replay. I tried using watt and Steam engine 316l and ss316 Material. Can any buddy tell me when to use watt/ss316/ti/ni Material in Replay
  9. Dragonraihan

    No Flavour From Replay

    I'm using Lost Vape Paranormal Dna 250c. And atty Pulse 22 RDA, Gas mod GR1 RDA, Ephoenix Firebird RTA, Hcig Centaur RTA. All of them work flawlessly in temp mode , all RTAs work good in Replay but when I use RDA. I'm not getting any flavour from them. I used "ss jagurnat, ss fused stagerd Clapton, and regular 24 awg + twisted kanthal. No matter the coil I use (except regular ss316L) I don't get any flavour. When I use regular SS I do get a little bit of flavour but not better then temp mode. I tried stem engine ss316L Elite profile, default ss316 and watt Material on Replay this doesn't make any changes.