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  1. I’m having THE SAME issue and cannot figure out what it is.
  2. So i put the theme onto the paranormal 166 250(not the 250c) and in TC mode it continuously red "off" so i ended up restoring back to factory and now working fine. Just figured i'd give a heads up but i could also be doing something wrong. LMK, if thats the case thanks guys
  3. Well my question to you more or less is how do you get an almost instant response to your atty when you press the fire button, I’m using 316l wire 3mm id on a Zeus x dual coil. and what is the best way to set my DNA up. Trying to get a pretty good set up, but a newby like myself is finding it a bit hard to find the best way to get it there. I appreciate your help if its extended. 
  4. That’s crazy. Element was one of the first I went to and they said they were sold out of all 250c. I even have one of those reminder things lol. But thanks for your Yelp.
  5. Everywhere is sold out. I didn’t know if maybe there was a different site that everyone got from is all
  6. Wayneo you wouldn’t happen to know of any websites with the 250c mods would you?
  7. Does anyone have a website to buy a DNA250c mod??? I cannot for the life of me find one. TIA
  8. I’ve tried a couple vids. Seems a tad scary lol. but I’ll have to see if I got that mod still and try it. But any little bit of info helps out man. Still plan on getting a new mod only because the other one was a VT200 lol.
  9. So I’ve had a dna before but someone else set up profiles and all that good stuff for me and in return I believe messed up my box. I really just want to set mine up to be a good mod all around. Fast ramp up time good hits and some of the other little goodies would be cool too. Just trying to figure out how to do all of it. TIA
  10. It's a solid design that doesn't so desperately try to make each screen unique, even when it means that quality is traded for variety. Besides that, variety is not the only thing that makes a theme "worth it lol", nor does everyone want it. Another plus is that the designer took the time to make/convert it to black and white, unlike the grayscale themes I see too often. How has this worked for you?
  11. Need an honest opinion on whether to go with 166 Therion or paranormal 250c. What is the better dna out of those two at this point. Please helllppppp
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