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  1. I agree. The new link download for SP19 for MAC seems to be running a bit more smoother and less laggy. Thanks!
  2. Update. The new link download for SP19 for MAC seems to be running a bit more smoother and less laggy. Thanks!
  3. Just wanted to report: EScribe Suite 2.0 SP19 also lags like SP18 on Mac. No matter what DNA250C mod I use. Device manager runs really slow on graphing and lags inputs on clicks. SP17 still runs smooth all around with no lags. No idea what was changed in 18 but that has caused big lagging on Mac software.
  4. Haven't personally installed and used it yet. Waiting to hear from James. Here you go: EScribe Suite 2.0 SP19 SP19 fixes: — DNA 250 Color (firmware 1.1 SP38) — Fixed a firmware crash that could occasionally come up when the device had been idle for a while. Fixed spurious Temperature Protected errors that could crop up in certain high-CPU themes with Replay off. — DNA Go (firmware 1.1 SP38) — Fixed a firmware crash that could occasionally come up when the device had been idle for a while. — EScribe — In Display tab -> Device Monitor, ‚Remove Readout‘ no longer crashes. — Production Utility — Firmware -> Browse no longer crashes. DNA Go now does Fire Tests correctly. Mac: http://pc.cd/j0z Win: http://pc.cd/d6N
  5. Asking... I saw a link for it on another third party group saying it's out. But didn't see anything officially here. So I was just wondering if its in final stages? Thanks!
  6. @James No matter what device I use DNA250C Triade or the Boxer Mod DNA250C triple. Both on SP35 1.1 INT. SP18 Device monitor runs really laggy and slow. Once I downgrade to SP17 Escribe device monitor runs as usual. Any idea why?
  7. Update to my review: Love the new updates. You read my mind. 3.2 is solid now I can finally see all the options battery cells, preheat..etc.. with just the default theme which I've always loved but now with your edit its perfect! Keep it up JMatt.
  8. Issue report: Updated to EScribe Suite 2.0 SP18. Noticed when using Device Monitor in EScribe it really lags and hangs a bit. Reverted back to EScribe Suite 2.0 SP17 and Device Monitor is working smoothly again. Could this be only a issue to me? Anyone else notice this? Thanks Edit: I'm on MacOS High Sierra.
    Nice theme! Always liked the default theme just wanted all the hidden options in the theme rather than loading escribe and editing those settings. Good to see this keeps everything transparent! Keep up the good work!
  9. James, other than the fix. Any other updates done to improve the firmware?
  10. You can't No worries man. The new firmware will be available very soon!
  11. Hey guys, Been testing the Alpha/Beta version for a few days now. So far all my devices with the firmware in testing has woke up right away! I can safely say Evolv came through and was correct. It was a firmware issue!
  12. Any final ETA when the new firmware will be out? Someone said couple of days a couple days ago lol. Thanks Evolv. Keep up the good work!
  13. Hey retird, Which 4 cell DNA 250C mod do you have? Been looking around for a decent one. Thanks
  14. Who has ordered from Element or any other retails? Did they fix the battery door on the retail one with no gaps when closed with batteries installed? I know on some reviews the door had a gap when installed with batteries. Just curious if this was fixed with retail versions. Thanks
  15. Just received mine back from EVOL. Awesome service guys! Works 100% now. Wakes up right away! Board was replaced. Also noticed they reprogrammed my battery graph a bit and it helps! Customer service from EVOL is superb!!
  16. Where did you find the "Deep Sleep" option in Escribe?
  17. Just catching up.. So you were able to send the whole mod to Evolv ? You don't have to send the board alone? Just curious.
  18. That's weird. I own 2 finders and both hit like a beast. Maybe you have a defective mod which sucks. Check the 510 pin does it spring up and down? Either way once you install a atty it should fire up.
  19. You're welcome. Same here my favorite mod ever! Can't put it down. Think Vape has been awesome answering emails especially Mike from Think Vape.
    My go to theme!! Keep us updated if any changes! Thanks!
  20. Little update. I ordered another Finder DNA 250C in a different color that just came in. This one was sitting all night woke up soon as I hit the fire button it waked instantly! This chip was programmed March 22, 2018. My first DNA 250C chip with the delay wake was programmed March 15, 2018. Not sure if this matters much but wanted to share this. Also I uploaded the same exact settings from my other chip to this new one.
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