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  1. Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C

    Ok cool deal. Thank you! I will have to play around and see if I can get it. Thanks again!
  2. Lavabox 75 - Tweaked SS316 Settings

    Awesome thank you sir! When I went to download this to my vape it had a theme you have created with it. Can I get just the SS settings and keep my theme?
  3. Lost Vape Therion DNA 75C

    Will this work on my boxer 75c using single 20700 battery?
  4. Boxer help?

    So I have changed to a single could hate ohming out at around.68. The battery is definitely lasting a lot longer now. I’m still having trouble getting it to hit right. I have my watts at 35 and my temp at 420. Does anyone have a suggestion of where to put my watts and temp at that might be preferable? Using ss316 fused Clapton coil. Also was considering the ijoy 2100 battery to see how it does. Are they’re any pros or cons for the 20700 vs 21700 from I joy for this boxer 75c
  5. Lavabox 75 - Tweaked SS316 Settings

    Awesome. Is Jaquaith another forum or site? Sorry if that’s a dumb ? I have never heard that before
  6. Lavabox 75 - Tweaked SS316 Settings

    Will this work for my boxer 75c squonk?
  7. Vapecige Creator DNA75C theme

    Is it possible to make a theme with this picture in blue? Still learning the escribe program.
  8. temp protect

    I have the same problem I think. When my vape has been sitting for a few minutes I go to hit it and it says temp control. If I hit check ohms my my ohms jump down to ..56and I barely get a hit. Then I press check ohms again and jump back up to .66 and I get a good hit. I have a single ss316 fused Clapton in the dead rabbit rda. My watts are at 43 and temp is at 390. My coils are spaced and everything has been cleaned but this still happens? Any idea if this seems normal or if this can be fixed?
  9. Boxer help?

    Oh a mother quick question. If I switch to a single coil do I want more wraps on the coil to get a higher ohm? Does 7 wraps seem to be a good number?
  10. Boxer help?

    I would definitely prefer more flavor over cloud production. I will keep playing around and see if I can get this thing tuned right. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Boxer help?

    Oh ok nice. Mine are ss316. I have my watts set to 55 and my temp at 370. If I turn the watts down do I want to turn the temp up? I feel when I leave the temp at 370 and turn the watts down there’s not much flavor or cloud production.
  12. Boxer help?

    i have the boxer squonk 75c and I have the efest 20700 3000mah batteries. I am running roughly .28 ohms? it seems to cut between .26 and .29? not sure if that's normal? but my battery still dies SUPER fast. someone told me that 3000mah was low. I look online and found some Panasonic 20700 and 21700 with 4000mah. I have heard the 21700 do not fit that well in the boxer squonk but have not personally tried it. but I am curious to try the Panasonic 20700 to see if I notice a difference in life of battery. I also am used to dual 18650's lasting me all day to now having this nice and expensive mod but only able to get like 3 hours of battery life. I bought prebuilt fused Clapton coils that said .5 but when I installed it was what I'm getting now (.26-.29 ohms). please let me know if you go with a single coil around .5 ( what type of metal and gage wire you use/ and number of wraps) please let me know if this gives more battery life. I have heard that installing a new theme may help, but I have tried and still get the same thing.
  13. Screen addition/subtraction

    Good question. I wonder if that will help save batter life as well? Also wondering if you can choose a picture as your main unlocked screen. Like when it’s liked there’s pictures you can have as your home screen I guess? Can you have that picture as your main screen when device is unlocked and use symbols around the picture as your sub menus? If that makes sense
  14. Short battery?

    Cool deal. Thank you. Do you have a battery you would recommend?