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  1. Fadelio

    Lavabox 75 - Tweaked SS316 Settings

    He's another user on this site. I may have misspelled his name. His stainless steel settings are the most copied. Even though he mainly uses nichrome these days. At any rate, you're going to want to either change the settings yourself or copy mine or his for your new vape mod. Just poke around on this site and check out various threads. The people here are very nice and happy to help.
  2. Fadelio

    Lavabox 75 - Tweaked SS316 Settings

    Yes. Jaquaith has some really good ones too.
  3. Fadelio

    BatMan v1

    I tried this and was unsuccessful..
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I tweaked the settings on my lavabox M DNA 75 chip after running the case analyzer. Please post your changes/ comments. Variables: Lavabox 75 M - DNA 75 Chip Geekvape Ammit single coil Stainless Steel 26 gauge (from Master of Clouds) Sony VTC5 Battery