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  1. hey as you can see I thought I was having major problems with this thing before, Now I love this mod, I would use the Ijoy 20700s 3000mah I know they are rewrapped but they were tested by mooch they are good batteries its only a single battery mod but i can vape down to 30% battery life before I decide to change and charge batteries, this is only depending on builds and how you vape though Im a chain vape kinda guy and I cycle through 3 batteries all day but more normally for me is 2 batteries a day. .28 ohms is too low of a build for the 75c Ideally you want a single coil at .40 - .60 I mean
  2. The guy at the local shop seemed surprised by what boxer suggested but again I’m new to it so I really wouldn’t know if this is not good info or not, anyway all this at the very least could help someone else new in the same situation as me do any of you think boxers suggestions are on point being as it is only the single battery? My original set up was .12ohm with alien Pre-Built coils after taking one out making it .24 the battery issue has improved greatly but the vapor flavor and production is lacking a lot so
  3. Ok, so after talking to 3 different companies and you guys I got the retailer to answer and all they said was take a video lol gingervaper has answered me and said this - Yes, from that graph it is showing the sag on that battery is extremely great. Your losing a full Volt (3.7 down to 2.68) You can make sure the +/- contacts are expanded so that that battery is fitting tight, but the biggest culprit here is going to be the 0.12 ohms build….. its just way to low for a single battery. I would strongly recommend a 0.4 - 0.60 single coil build with this chipset and
  4. Should I check the voltage box and screenshot ?
  5. Really appreciate the help, I have emailed the retailer and gingervapes hopefully one will get back to me aside from using 18650s I can’t until my adapters get here from Canada and I’m in PA so but I do know the iJoys I have used are the mooch rated ones 5 prong not 4 now that I’m really getting down to biz this may be a case of a new user getting an advanced mod idk hope I can get to the bottom of it it’s hard to find boxer 75 owners to ask too
  6. Hello everyone, New to dna devices and squonking in general but I bought this expensive Boxer dna75 and Im just learning it aside from everything being wonderful and me loving it I get the check battery warning at 65% and below at 55 watts now im using a single Ijoy 3000mah 3.7v 20700 and Ive seen numerous issues with this on here after searching for a fix with this one but never really got anywhere I was thinking it could just be the mod but why sell such an expensive mod that can only last 15 big puffs before its at 65% and weak battery? I will post my diagnostics when the weak battery warni
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