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  1. cause I knew someone would have the exact dimensions, including the thickness. I have a micrometer I could have used at work I could have used I guess. But then I would have to take apart my Drone and I'm not trying to do all that. So that is why I asked for the dimensions on here. Long and behold, someone responded to that post within an hour. Much easier....
  2. I have a Lost Vape Drone and was wondering if there is an auto fire. Maybe in a certain theme or something and I just didn't know. If so, and if anyone could tell me how to auto fire I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Im trying to make a cup holder for Lost Vape Drone. Anyone know where I can find the dimensions for it. Please and thank you. Sorry if I can't ask this. Thanks
  4. There lies my problem. The guy at the vape store where I bought my atomizer set it up, so I'm not sure what material I'm actually using. I have a busy day today so I'm not actually able to throw it on the device monitor. I will sometime tonight and let you know what it does. I'll be able to get into more detail tonight. Thanks Moderator Edit: You know why I've removed one sentence from this post. 😉
  5. Whenever I'm vaping with TC most of the time the temp won't read. I have to determine the temp by watching the wattage. Then randomly at times, I'll be able to watch the temp increase to my targeted temp. Not sure how to get the temp to be able to read and stay that way. Anyone know why that is??? thanks
  6. What size screen does the lost vape drone take...
  7. well the guy who replaced my screen on my drone said he had the screen for it in stock...when i got it back the contrast was just off. white is black and black is white, etc.
  8. o sorry about that....and thanks for the link ill watch it...but bthe guy who worked on my drone was referred to me by the vape store that ive been going to for the past year or so
  9. i was basing the whole ribbon being too long thing off of the guy who replaced the screen on my lost vape drone. Ive never worked on a mod before in my life
  10. Can I change the contrast on my screen on my dna 250c???
  11. ok...do you know how to download the international theme for the dna 250C?
  12. well it definitely didn't and google didn't translate it either
  13. im tying to translate what you said into english now haha
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