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  1. Moutainvaper

    Therion 75C batterry draining

    Hey Cjw5737, Just fill out the the Evolv form on the link below and talk to the folks there. I'm in Oregon, it costs ~$7 shipping to send to them if they do OK a RMA. They handle the return shipping.
  2. Moutainvaper

    75c "Replay" update missing feature ??

    Sounds like it's setup fine, just need to use a SS or other temp sensing coil. Ni80 is gonna be pretty hit and miss, some may work...some not.
  3. Moutainvaper

    75c "Replay" update missing feature ??

    Just uploaded the default and it solved the issues listed above! Just make a "watts" profile, check the "use Replay on this profile" and you are off to the races!
  4. Moutainvaper

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Open a technical support ticket on the site, link below.
  5. Moutainvaper

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    They put out the 250C boards for sale on the main site this week. Including the 250C Escribe suite. Maybe the end of April for 75C firmware?
  6. Moutainvaper

    Therion 75C batterry draining

    @Fordski I had the same problem, I opened a ticket with evolv, sent the mod in, they replaced the board. They had it back to me within a week.
  7. Moutainvaper

    SS316L Help

    Here is a working link to the DNA SS316L material profiles by DJaquith. I use the V3.25 almost exclusively.
  8. Moutainvaper

    Lost Vape Skar

    If you are looking for warranty service in the US for Lost Vape here is a link: button on my Skar became mushy (apparently there is a plastic frame inside that cracked) and they have it now. We'll see how long it takes to get it back!
  9. Moutainvaper

    Atomizer Analyzer question

    Any idea where I can pick up a Copper 510 plug for running this test?
  10. I knew it was somewhere in the SW, thanks!
  11. Question: I prefer to have my display oriented to the right. Is there a way to reorient the adjustment buttons when I do this?